Monday, January 25, 2016

Back to normal (?)

Christmas over, Vacation over, what is next? (... besides the church work, housework, monthly meetings)

I wanted to have a little get-together with some friends, mainly neighbors and a few from church. If you don't set a date it will never happen. So January 17 it was. A few snacks and some refreshments. Sarah had to work that weekend but they came later too.




Caleb liked the decorations but mainly the nativity on the mantle.



He exchanged his zebra for the donkey (for a little while) and later for the camel.




Still later he came running to me in the kitchen telling me something I couldn't understand. James explained that Caleb wanted to know where baby Jesus was. As every year we had forgotten to put him into the empty manger. So we had to find him and put him in.






It was fun having an "open house" but I decided that as hosts you don't have enough time to chat with everybody. Such a shame. I think I missed out on a lot of interesting conversations. I decided it would be better to invite people in a small group.


Next day was MLK day and in observation of the holiday the daycare was closed. We thought it was easier to sit him at his house so we were there at 7:45 am. He was a lot of fun though. Unfortunately it was too cold and nasty to go outside or for a walk. Caleb's vocabulary is now big enough for him to argue. When he said "outside" and we said it's too cold he said "coats!" No, not enough.

We managed to fill the time with playing. He loves his little blue birthday truck. Papa had to put him into bed for nap time.




After that it was time to tackle taking the Christmas decorations down and putting them away. The trees, wreath and garlands store in the attic over the garage which requires to crawl through a little opening in the utility room wall. James used to do that but he is so much taller then me which makes it more difficult. When I had lost 30 pounds I volunteered to do it. One danger was that you might scratch your back on nails which came through the roof. That got solved. The vast stuff in my queendom offered some styrofoam which we broke up and stuck over the nails. Yeah!

I used to think that the decorations were a lot of work but since retirement I don't think so anymore. I enjoy the putting up and taking it down. I don't do it in haste but enjoy the memories.



About the quilting and lacemaking I wrote on the other blog. So this is it in a nutshell.


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  1. The party was so much fun. We were honored to be included! We were so late getting our decorations down - most of our stuff is stored at a rental place and the storm prevented us from getting to it. I'm glad it is all done finally. Your house looked beautiful and I was glad to be able to see your decorations!