Monday, January 4, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 1

Sunday January 3


We had agreed to do breakfast on our own and meet in the pool area around 10 am. Breakfast is in the same buffet area. Here: I found hot water and hot milk for my tea. I brought my large Brazilian thermos cup and I am good. Can have my early cup of tea in the room. James is going for a morning walk on the beach.




Choices, choices, choices. Too many. This is just the juice/smoothy bar.




Breakfast outside watching the birds. Helen and William find us. He likes watching the birds too.



It's time for the pool. Sarah, Wade and Caleb are already having fun.




Sarah has brought these clips to hold the towels in place. They are great.



William has fun in the water too.





Sarah borrowed my phone and took these pictures. Great! I don't mind at all. I am reading in my book a little.

Sarah had chosen the sun beds close to this slope into the pool. It is perfect for the children. And they play so nicely with each other.







There is a lunch place close to us too.



Can you tell that Caleb played hard and it is time for his nap?



William is topping lunch off with an ice cream after which we go to our rooms too.



William of course doesn't take a nap. He, Helen and I went into the big lobby area and played "pigs" with him while we also tried to sync iPhone and iPad. Need my photos for the blog.

To give Helen a little rest I took William to our room. I had brought the "helicopter" game with me and he doesn't get easily tired of that. We had a fun time until his Mommy picked him up.

At 4 pm the sun was not so hot any more and James and I went to the beach. Sarah, Wade and Caleb were there.




I left my bag with the phone on a chair and went to the pool area to see whether Helen, Ben and William were there ... but they were not.

When I was back at the beach and was looking for my phone to take photos it wasn't there. Heart attack! Soon I found that Sarah was using it - which is great though.

Caleb could not be persuaded to put his wingles on so he couldn't go into the water. Stubborn little guy. He didn't mind the waves though.






I walked to one end of the beach. Sarah came too ... still taking nice pictures




Yup, that's me!



And then William came too.





Ben and William playing in the waves.









Time to go back to the pool. The cousins hat a lot of fun together.




After a shower in the rooms we meet for dinner. Look at the cousins holding hands.



Some tables inside and outside had fancy napkins and flowers.



A fancy dessert station.





Dinner with a view. Just turn your head.






Night, night. This was a wonderful happy day.


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  1. How wonderful! This was certainly the week to be gone if you are a fan of warm weather - we've finally gotten winter! I'm enjoying this trip with you all and am so happy for you. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. I love the pictures of the boys together!