Monday, January 11, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 6



As every morning James was up early and on his beach walk. He met his "friend" for the second time. Actually, he thinks that it is the second dead snake. He showed the picture to a staff person who was horrified because supposedly it is a deadly snake without antidote. He was told: two hours! Back home now he has done some research and here is one of the interesting links:

We were not worried because local people were even camping where James had seen it.

Ben saw it later too but thought he had seen its tail move a tiny bit.



Caleb is the earliest riser of us all. James met them when he came back from his walk so we went to breakfast being sure we would meet them there.

Celeb was full of action.




Our last full day here. Sigh. Have to check the beach out for a little while. But the tide is way out and it's nicer for the children in the pool.





Once in a while we try to keep them out of the water for a few moments. Omi's and Papa's shoes seem to be more fun than toys.






Helen, William, Sarah and I wanted to go to Coco Beach by boat but the hotel boats were full already on Thursday and Friday. But one of the trusty vendors on the beach had space. We were booked for 1 pm "be under the tree".

I was on my way to the room to get ready for lunch and then the tour when I met these guys: Mr and Mrs Iguana. I spent quite some time watching them.






Lunch! View from the table! Dry warmth with a lovely breeze.



One o'clock! We had to climb into the boat one at a time and move all the way to the front. Six ladies first. Then us with me last. It's a little challenge with the waves coming and going but the captain and his helper were great. We found everybody from drivers to hotel staff or pool people to beach vendors very friendly.



It took between 15 to 20 minutes to Playa del Coco. Getting out one at a time again.



We wanted 2 hours so we were told to be exactly there 3:20 pm. We took a photo so we would remember the spot. Just in case.



First we wanted to find the supermarket. We had to walk a couple of blocks. Helen wanted to by some coffee to break down a large bill. No luck. They couldn't make change. It was interesting though.





We didn't really know what to expect. It was a little town with lots of restaurants, little hotels, shops etc. Yes, one little souvenir shop next to the other. We were looking for t-shirts. Helen bought one for Ben and I one for each of the boys. Same design in different colors. Sarah bought a cutting board from beautiful mango wood. William was very eager to have one of those clay pipes.

Almost back at the beach was a big tree with black howler monkeys in it.



Underneath was this boy selling those pipes (whistles?). Omi got one for each grandson ... and Helen's dog sitter's daughter ... and Sarah's cat sitter's daughter. The boy was so happy.




Going back it was just us in the boat.



Looking back.






See the pelican? The captain even slowed down and went a little closer for us to see.



Hotel in sight.







Back to the room to "unload". James and I go for our evening walk on the beach. We checked the turtle-nursery when we pass it but didn't see a sign of life.

When we were on our way back we watched for the longest time a pelican fishing close to the shore.






We were half-way when James noticed a crowd about where the turtle-nursery is. So we walked faster and then run. A release? Every day Helen had asked. No luck. Missed it twice.



They let one go. So cute! Everybody cheered! VIDEO!

Then another one. VIDEO!

And then a third. VIDEO!

Then we thought it was over. It all was so quick. I said how sad the others and especially William didn't see this. And then they said there would be more. 50. Five zero! I said to James he was so much faster then me whether he could get the others if they were at the pool. And ... He ... Run!

And this is what we saw when he was gone: VIDEO!

They let all of them go at the same time and it went so fast. He missed it and the others too. I was heartbroken. I went and met them half way and told them. We were turning to go back to the pool when James came running "more, more".



So we run again. And made it!



It was really too dark by now for the VIDEO but both were so excited. Caleb wanted down but you could have stepped so easily on one of these cute little turtles because they often changed directions. You had to be very careful.





William said it was the best thing. I was so happy that we (James) were able to get them. Only Helen missed it because she was not at the pool at that moment but the sweet girl was happy for everybody else especially for her son. This is what she wrote on Facebook: "Last full day in Costa Rica. Today was probably the best science lesson ever!! The hotel we are staying at is the only resort that has a special license for a sea turtle nursery. We have been asking every day if any are hatching. After 2 marathon sprints from the pool, William got to see wild baby sea turtles get released into the ocean. The high point of the whole trip for him!! 70 new babies made their way to the Pacific Ocean this evening!"

James and Ben told me later that of all the moments this was when they had not been at their "usual" spot in the pool. William was busy jumping into the pool from the highest wall and was caught at the third time by the guard for doing it. The boy has come a long way in a very short time.

Back to the room to get ready for dinner. We found special beautification on the bed.



The boys in the lobby with their new tshirts.



There were two different characters from the show at the door to greet. Caleb said "scary". His cousin went to ride the horse with the Guanacaste´s Sabanero.



Back in the lobby after dinner to listen to some live music.




The boys showed us some great dance moves.


Last thing on the agenda: all of us going to the photo-shop and selecting some of the professional photos taken at the pool to take home on a CD.

Time for bed. Omi helped William to fall asleep for another night so his parents can look at the stars.

What a perfect last day of our vacation. Night night!


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  1. Loved Mr. & Mrs. Iguana and how utterly cool to see the turtle release! So glad the boys got to see them.