Monday, January 4, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 2


James did his morning walk on the beach again. He came back excited having seen a snake at the edge of the water. He regretted not having taken his phone along.

Then we went to breakfast. We had seen Helen who had said they would be there soon too. Our table was right next to a coffee presentation. Interesting.




We were sure that we would find Sarah, Wade and Caleb at the beach. William wanted to go too so we took him. The 5 had so much fun and it looked so inviting, but I wanted to walk a little.

Did take a VIDEO though.

And a 2 VIDEO




Moving to the pool.



Caleb knows how to rinse your feet so you don't make the pool area too sandy.



The pool is a different kind of fun. With their floating devices the children just paddle around. Both of them are getting really good.

Sarah brought their Christmas present with them, a kind of GoPro. It's waterproof. We had a lot of fun with it. She can take single pictures or videos. William and Caleb liked to use it too. They can't really do anything wrong with it. At one time William held it while being "thrown". We tried different things.





Ha-ha, in the following photos Omi has her hands, no, ARMS full. I think there are more photos and videos. I might have to do an update later.




We found chases in the same area again. William and Caleb had fun together.

VIDEO done by Sarah with that new toy.





Then it was time for lunch and we had it in the same place in the pool area. They really try to change what is on the buffet. After that it was siesta time.

At 3:30 we found ourselves in the ocean again. The children had so much fun. It was so cute when William and Caleb called out in chorus "big one, big one" and squeaked when a wave came which made us bob up and down.

Pool after that again. I went for a walk though all the way to the end of the beach. Beautiful. Gorgeous. What can I say? I forgot my camera (phone). Got my 10000 steps done.

William and Caleb did not want to leave the pool. Everybody started to become "pruny" though.

Yesterday Ben managed to get reservations for us to have dinner in the specialty restaurants. Tonight 6:15 pm at the Italien restaurant. We are on our way.



It's supposed to be a sit-down place but appetizers are still buffet style. At least it looks cute.



They are both so very tired but trying to be good. William is sweet and patient when Caleb insists on sitting on the same chair. The two are really cute.







Sarah brought a sticker book to play with until the main course came.



James had ordered a steak. It was cooked to perfection but had a raw carrot inserted in the middle of it.



Three of us had lasagne.



The dessert we had to get ourselves again. The tiramisu was excellent.

We tried to while around in the lobby a little but the children were so tired. Wade disappeared with Caleb first with Sarah soon behind. Ben and William were soon gone too. James and I kept Helen company who wanted to check her mail (internet only in the lobby and not very strong anyway).

It had been a very lively fun day. I think being "pooped" is a good thing. I am happy and grateful and very tired. Night, night.


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  1. I think you always sleep so well after a day at the beach! Full days, sleepy nights!