Monday, January 11, 2016

Costa Rica - returning home


James did his morning beach walk as always and met "early-riser Caleb and co". So we hurried to go to breakfast too where we found everybody.



Yes, Costa Rica coffee.



I didn't feel like going into the water but the children sure did.




Auntie Helen took these pictures with my phone.




I wandered around. Saying good-bye to the beach.




All packed. William's expression says it all.




Close to our rooms. Passed this every day several times. The display would change.



In the lobby waiting for the taxi/bus.

I had brought the selfie stick Sarah had given me some time ago. I had never used it. Ben decided to try it.




I love this picture!!!



William and Caleb running around the fountain. They will have to sit still for many hours later.




Those two are really good travelers.




Another view of some vulcanos. We are almost at the airport.



The Nashvillers leave about half an hour before us. Ben sent a video from Miami where they changed planes. He is teasing me because they have to run.



Will not bore you with traveling details. It was all good but a looooooong day. Not easy for Caleb being used to nap times etc. Sarah was prepared with toys, stickers and snacks. The flight from Charlotte to Richmond was rough. We were finally home about 1 am in the morning.


* * * * * * * *


Conclusion: This was a wonderful vacation. We are pretty confident that EVERYBODY enjoyed it. There is nothing like spending time with the people you love! James and I think that this was one of the best resorts we have ever been in. The beach is perfect. The pool area is perfect. Plenty of shade in both and always plenty of empty lounge chairs. The staff is very friendly. The food was great. Drinks were fun. All inclusive is the way to go ... but we knew that many years ago, haha.


These are the professional photos we bought.

I so love all these wonderful people in these pix!!!













Thank you, Lord!


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  1. Great photos! Great trip! What a lovely and blessed family. We are glad you had a wonderful time and we are glad you are home safe and sound!