Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 3



Not so many photos today but nevertheless it was a full day with a lot of fun.

Don't know why but James and I woke up at 6 am. James of course went on his walk on the beach. Yesterday he had seen a water snake on the edge of the water but had no camera. Today he took his camera (phone). No snake but turtle tracks.





Since we were so early we actually met Sarah, Wade and Caleb at the breakfast place. Caleb just wakes up so early every day.

We almost have now a "routine". First the beach ... then the pool. The children love it. They paddle and kick around with their floaties or play on the "ramp". Neither one is afraid of the deep. Caleb is fearless and William is quite good. A few lessons and he wouldn't need the floaties any longer. The adults take turns playing with them.

Once in a while they do have to be coaxed out of the water otherwise we all would be total prunes. Helen brought this blow-up earth-ball for Caleb and they played for a while with that. It's good for in or out of the water.




Lunch is always the very informal place close to the pool. Dessert is always the most fun.




Wade and Sarah tried to get Caleb to nap but he was so overtired that he just could not settle down. Helen, William and I were playing games in the huge common area when Sarah and Caleb came out of their room again for a little while. She had to go for her haircut appointment so I put him in the stroller and walked circles around the premises, all the corridors etc etc. and on the other side we found the monkeys we had heard about.

Caleb fell finally asleep in the stroller and I handed him over to his Dad who was back from the gym.




I told James and Helen about the monkeys and they went later to see them too. I think Helen most likely has better pictures.

More pool. More playing in the afternoon.

We had the dinner reservation Ben had been able to make 2 days ago for 6:15 at the steakhouse. William and Caleb walked hand in hand. So sweet.




It's the same place as the lunch place but now fancier and not a buffet. It is nice to sit down, order and have it put in front of you.




I had mixed fish skewers.





Unfortunately Wade had to leave with the little guy before the dessert. Caleb was just too tired. We have big plans for tomorrow. Starting a tour at 6 am. Not a problem for Caleb who is awake early every day. The rest of us ...? So we took a few provisions from the buffet on the way to the rooms since we are not going to have to miss breakfast.

Another great day again. AND ... the sixth day in a row with more then 10,000 steps since I got my Fitbit. That only can be good.

Night night.


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  1. Great pictures of the boys together. This trip was so good for them since they live so far apart!