Thursday, January 7, 2016

Costa Rica - Day 5


Some of us didn't feel so well today. Montezuma was taking revenge. James with his iron stomach went on his usual walk on the beach from one end to the other and back. I got myself some hot tea and Imodium and relaxed in my room.

I felt much better and went to find the others at the pool around 11:30. Somebody was just coming by to ask whether anybody wanted a drink.



At noon we went to lunch as usual. I found a bowl of soup for myself. And after that some noodles. Pretty harmless. I really felt back to normal but decided to be cautious with the eating and drinking.

Siesta time. Caleb was having his nap time. I had another tea and then joined Helen and William in the lounge to play some games.

3:30ish or 4 we usually find our way back to the beach or pool. The pool is really more fun for the children. William has become so much more confident in the water. Today he wanted to jump in from the edge and nobody had to catch him. Of course he had strict instructions only to do it if somebody is spotting him. Of course Caleb was doing exactly what his cousin was doing.

It was almost 5 when everybody came out of the water.



James and I went on our evening walk.

Almost at "the wall" James wanted to go a bit into the jungle because sometimes you can see monkeys there. A couple had had the same idea but they were coming back. No monkeys but thousands of mosquitos. No thank you. But there on the way was this little guy.



I turned the hermit crab over to have a better look. He is too big for this house. Should move soon.



James picked him up to bring him back to the ocean.



I went to finish going to "the wall" and touching it.




When I joined James he told be that as soon as he had put the hermit crab into the shallow water, another crab came out of the sand and wanted to get the hermit which James then moved. I found something to lift this fellow a little out of the sand to take a picture. He didn't like it and I had to be fast. He is a beauty.



And here is a VIDEO trying to give an impression of the beautiful bay.


We met at 6:30 in the lounge for some drinks and then went over to the buffet. Special today: lamb! Oh was it good! This is what I saw in one of the hundreds of bowls. Can you guess what it is?



Yes, garlic with the top sliced off.

Every day they have special characters from the evening show greet people. You know what the theme of tonight's show is. I forgot to ask William whether he knows who Michael Jackson is.



Caleb had got restless at the dinner table because he was "done". Sarah went with him to the music in the lobby. Soon we went there too.





The musician was excellent. Some people danced. I did a VIDEO.

But then I gave it to Sarah and took Caleb and danced with him too. The Musician came to Wade and made him dance with Sarah. It was fun. A lady took my phone from Sarah to continue to video but she didn't turn it on. A shame because it was a nice moment.



Then we scattered into our rooms. The children were so tired again. Tonight is babysitting night. James is in 0124 to watch Caleb sleep and I am in 0122 laying next to sleeping William. But we had to read a book first. I hope the parents have fun.

Night, night.


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