Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Day After

Sunday morning July 17, 2011
The big day has come and gone. But it is not over yet. Still good times are being had. James and I spent the night at the Linden Inn too since it was the only chance we had to be able to talk to some of the wedding guests which had come from far away.

At breakfast time a lot of Burr/Waller/Wedding people were wandering around the hotel.

Even though they were getting ready for their honeymoon trip, the wedding couple wanted to have a casual open house starting at noon since they too felt it was the only chance to socialize more with some of their guests.

Edy was a watch-cat. The first you saw when you walked in. She really didn't mind all those people.

Nana and others had a tour of their house.

Cards were opened.

Gifts were opened.

(Just love Wade's intensity.)

Sarah was showing off the jewelry box her godfather Uncle Dave had made her ... handcrafted including initial inlay.

When Sarah and Wade had to start packing their suitcases, most of us relocated to our house. Inge liked to take the photos of the outside too.

Serious discussion?

Sunday evening: Bubba Burgers for 17.
Thanks, Ben!!!

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