Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Ready!

Be at the hairdresser at 11 am !

The bride, bride's mother, matron of honor, made of honor and bridesmaids ... and William ... and a really nice snack provided by a really good friend.

And two hairdressers.

William took care of the entertainment.

 Charlene, the owner, lets local artists display their art.

Close up.

William loves to walk.

But he needs two fingers to hang on to somebody. Omi, are you available?


Talking with ... ?

The groom sent a present.

The bride likes it.

So sweet.

Soon to be sisters-in-law.

3 pm. Right on time. The Limousine has arrived. 

I have never been inside a limousine. Nice!

Arrived at the church.

Arrived with stuff.

Everything was ready for us in the church. The dress was waiting. Note the hanger!

 Many hands.

I was trained to do this at the last dress fitting.


  1. That hanger is so cute! I've never seen that before?! Where or where did it come from?

  2. Same place as the cake topper (next blog ... coming soon). Sarah got it.