Friday, July 15, 2011

More Wedding guests arrive

I had no idea how much there is to do for a traditional wedding. Helen and I are busy, busy ... besides William keeping us busy, but grandpa is such a good help.

Friday was mother's funeral in Germany. I must admit, I was a bit out of sort the whole day since I could not go.
But on Saturday my sister Ute and Maren arrived from Germany on time having had good flights, thank goodness. I am sooooo happy that they could come after all.
Sunday we had a Memorial Service for mother at our church. That was so good for me and hopefully for my children too because it gave me closure. I can't say enough good things about St. Martin's, our Priest Lee and all the people in the congregation. Many of our new friends came. I didn't even know they knew about it. Thanks to all!
Monday ? Loose ends. We were so busy that I can't really remember what we did. It was Sarah's last day to work before the wedding. Ute and Maren helped Helen, James and me with preparations.

Helen and William are waiting on the community bench across the street from our house. James has gone to the airport to pick up Gisela, her husband Gerhard, and Inge from Germany ... wonderful friends. Gisela saw me when I was only a day old. Inge I know from when I was a teenager.
 Most of the following pictures were taken by Inge. You could think she likes William, haha. There are many more of him I am not posting. Every time she used her flash a pinkish light came on and he crinkled his nose.

 Wonder what both found so interesting?

Tuesday we went for lunch to the Silver Diner. Can it get more American?

We couldn't really do any sightseeing because it was soooooooo hot that day. With a heat advisory warning ... not a good thing to take Northern Europeans out in.

Gisela was amazed about the "hood" on her Chicken Pot Pie.
 More pics of W.

What mischief can I get into now. Good thing we had so many sitters now.
In the evening Sarah and Wade invited ALL of us for dinner. It was lovely and fun.

 Wednesday !

 We did some sightseeing.
We drove down Monument Avenue, past St James (!), parked in a shady parking house, visited St Paul's Church, the Tower Visitors Buro, and the Capitol. Some of these places were really icy.
 Had to lay on my tummy in the grass to get the gentleman on the horse into the picture. Some police walked by and sad "Mam, you can't do that" and then "just kidding".
We went to see the Old City Hall, went up to the 18 floor (Observation Deck) in the New City Hall, were we had a nice but overcast view over the city, had a (very) late lunch and went on the 4 o'clock canal boat tour.

William was happy when we were back. So were we. It was very hot for our guests.
Thursday ! The weather was perfect. I took Ute, Gisela, Gerhard and Inge to see Jamestown. James had given them a little history lesson the evening before. Seeing the ships with which the first settlers arrived 1607 put things in perspective.

 Gisela and Gerhard had a photo taken sitting in the Powhatan boat.
Everybody tried on one of the metal helmets in the fort. They are so heavy. How the soldiers must have suffered.

Very American!

Then we drove to Williamsburg and  first visited Bruton Church. After all, Gerhard is a German Minister.

After one more stop at the Outlet Mall we headed home. We were almost late because James needed the car to go to the airport. Jane, Kate, Dave and Jimmo were arriving from England. And Helen's husband Ben from Nashville too. William was so happy to see his Pops. 

Special thanks to Helen who had cooked two batches of Dreamy Spaghetti (Sarah's recipe) for two dinner sittings. Not only had she stayed home but she had done a wonderful job. And while I am at it: her German is great. After all, she doesn't get to use it very often.


  1. Christa - It was so nice to meet you this past weekend.
    You guys did a great job on the wedding just as you do on this blog!
    I gave you a shout out on my blog and posted about the wedding.
    Stay in touch!

  2. I hope you're relaxing this week- what a wedding!!

    It was so wonderful- and they seem SOOO happy!! Such a blessing-