Sunday, July 31, 2011

More to celebrate

Sunday July 24th. The newlyweds are back. James picked them up from the airport on Saturday evening, Sarah's birthday. They had a great time ... honeymoon in Jamaica.

So we celebrated Sarah's birthday one day late.

Helen took care of her sister. She got the cake and the candle thing for her. Well done, Helen!

I must explain that it is a one-time-use thing. When the music started to annoy us, I brought it out to the trash can in the garage. A day later it still greeted us with music when we put trash away. You get a lot of mileage out of it, haha.

The newlyweds went home. We had to bring the English to the airport to fly home. Helen, William, Eva and Arno were left. So we went for a nice walk through the neighborhood ... William's request. 

James took Eva and Arno to play golf at 7 am. Helen wanted to see Williamsburg.

William likes it. 

Bruton Parish Church door from the inside. Too cool not to take a photo.

William helps grandpa read the newspaper.

William has changed so much since he arrived, as small children do. It is so fun to watch that I am afraid to miss something when I don't see him. The following two videos were taken July 7 and 8 when he still crawled army-style. So cute.

The next two videos were taken July 19 when we were at the house in the mountains. Now we find him standing in his crib when he wakes up.

Tuesday Helen had to pack. So I took Eva and Arno to Jamestown and Williamsburg. They can't leave without getting some of our history.

They are duly impressed with the three ships on which the first people arrived in this area 1607.

Even the biggest is so small that you vow never to complain about a trip on a plane again.

This lady shows off the apothecary. Sarah would be interested in this.

Jamestown Indian village.

Williamsburg nursery.

Tuesday evening Eva prepares Thüringer Rostbrätel and Gruene Kloesse. Helen will be jealous when she reads this. I was home from Williamsburg in time to go with James to bring her and William to the airport. But I got Eva's recipe for the kloesse. I promise, Helen, I think I can do it.

Yes, we were celebrating again. It is Eva and Arno's 20th wedding anniversary.

Wishing you many more happy years!

Chocolates which Inge had brought from Germany and homemade strawberry ice-cream. 

This is for my lacemaking friends:
Before leaving Eva had to model the knitted dress she had wanted to wear at the wedding ... but decided it was just too hot.

Good job, though!

And then on Wednesday James had to bring them to the train station down the road to catch the 7 am train to Newark airport. Our last wedding guests.

The house is so quiet. As you have noticed ... I spent the next days blogging. It is a great way to re-live everything. An emotional month has passed. Again, the Lord has been good to us. Everything was good at the end. THANKS to everybody who has helped with the events, who has come to celebrate with us, from near and far.

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