Saturday, July 30, 2011


We have lived in Virginia less then 3 years. When I told my new friends in the subdivision that Sarah was engaged, Irma very vehemently said that she would be upset with me if I would not take advantage of her two empty guest rooms for wedding guests coming from overseas. And Julie made the same offer right away. They are such wonderful people that I did take advantage of it for sure.

They both live just around the corner. The fact that our visitors don't need a car to go back to a hotel room (or we have to drive them) after we had a good evening at our house, is just invaluable. Irma's heritage is German and she likes to practice the language. So, Irma and Jim got my friends Gisela, her husband Gerhard and Inge from Germany as guests ... for a whole week!  Julie got Kate, Dave and Jane from England for four nights. I know for a fact that the guests had an absolutely wonderful time. And I think the hosts did too.

When I made arrangements with a thankful heart, I said that we did not need a B & B but B only (bed). Everybody walked to our house in the morning. Irma and Julie insisted though that each invited their guests for breakfast on the wedding day. And then they decided to take them to see Richmond's Botanical Garden. Here are some of the pictures Inge took:

Gisela, Gerhard and Irma

Gisela and Gerhard

Gerhard and Irma

Gerhard and Gisela underneath the crape myrtle (something we don't really have in Germany)

Inge and Gisela

And then the Germans crossed path with the British, haha. Jane, Kate, David and host Julie.

And then on Monday morning we had to bring Gisela, Gerhard and Inge to the airport again. Tears were shed.

Julie, Irma and Jim! You have done a wonderful thing for us.

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  1. Amazing neighbors, Christa! I have family members who wouldn't make that gesture!