Monday, July 11, 2011

First Arrivals for the Wedding

Yes, yes, I should have posted pictures way earlier but ... not a minute ...

We picked up Helen and William from the airport at 2pm on Wednesday. They had a good trip and all is well because William still likes to be held by his Omi. We have not seen each other in SO long.

On Thursday we decided that we needed a walk. We walked to the super market just outside the subdivision and bought a ...

... watermelon. William loves to drink watermelon juice.

We all work hard on wedding "stuff". We need a break and relax on the back porch.

Tried to keep William happy in a "play yard" (travel crib) because we wanted things to progress a little faster. But he really likes to be a little more mobile and is quite fast crawling around. Grandpa is a great sitter ... even changing poopy diapers.

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