Friday, July 29, 2011

The Wedding Celebration


The Trolley was waiting to take the bridal party to the Capitol for the 'official photos'.

I am so happy my sister could be with us.

All on board!

We are all surprised ... the driver didn't know where the Capitol was.

This is fun. The sprinklers are sprinkling.

And somebody else is already 'shooting' there. But they let us have 5 minutes. Thanks, guys!

What is it with the converse Chucks? Long story!

Story behind this too! Photo was submitted but they didn't win. Boooo!

Capitol grounds are a dream to take pictures !!!

Siblings and Siblings-in-law.

I love my girls. Who can blame me? They are so beautiful ... inside and out!

And yes, the Trolley had broken down. We had to wait for a huge bus to bring us to the reception ... a little late, but it could have been worse.

Bride and groom -  first dance.

The bride's parents.

The groom's parents.

Father of the Bride dancing with his daughter.

Mother of the Groom dancing with her son.

A welcome to all the guests

Talking about Paducah, Kentucky?

Checking out the cookbook 'Sarah & Wade's Favorite Recipes'. The guest must have liked the party favor. Only 3 were left.

(I need to tell the truth. I 'stole' this picture from Dee Stephens' blog. Hope you don't mind, Dee. Thanks!)

This uncle must have dug into one of the two baskets with dancing shoes!

 The dancing shoes (flip-flops) were a big hit.

The photobooth was a big hit too. It also served as guest book. There were a ton of props and many had fun playing dress-up.

Most photographed person with the instant cameras: the photographer Maren, my niece from Germany.

Nobody had to starve (or thirst either). The Mash Potato Bar was a big hit.

The Roast Beef Carver was popular too (hence the instant camera photo, I guess).

And lots of other Southern Food.

The couple is getting ready to leave.

Good-bye bubbles!

Auf Wiedersehen!
Good Night!

A German custom.

Bride and Groom have a race to cut each side of the heart with tiny scissors. 

What? No cheering on?

Who is going to win?


Stepping through!

There they go!

What a Day !!!


  1. What a party! I'm stealing that 'cookbook favor' idea if Jessica ever gets married.

  2. I hope you let me help you, Kim, since I now know how to do it. Christa