Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FRIDAY - Rehearsal Day

Am I in trouble? It's a week and a half ago!

I was told that some of the relatives and friends who could not come to the wedding were sure blogs would be up the day after. So sorry to have disappointed you. It was just too hectic. The last guests left this morning at 7 am. THE NEST IS EMPTY. It is a strange feeling after so many relatives and friends have been with us for quite a while. I hope to catch up with things ... with myself! Writing the blogs will be wonderful for me because it is a great way to re-live everything. What a wonderful time we had !!!!!!!!!!

FRIDAY - Rehearsal Day:
By now most of our guests had arrived. Lists were made ... who has to be where ... who drives and who rides with whom to be were they have to be at the right time. Sigh. The logistics of it! Hind-sight: everything worked out beautifully.

Ben has arrived. William is happy to sit on his Pops' knee again. Just a little time to catch up with Jane, Kate and Dave who arrived from England the night before.

The first big 'official' event: Rehearsal at St James' at 5 pm.

The Reverend Randy Hollerith, Rector, will officiate tomorrow.

The To-Be-Wed: Sarah with a mock bouquet made by her sister Helen, Matron-of-Honor, from shower-party-ribbons and a short veil, made by her mother as the test for the real veil, and Wade with a groom's cap supplied by Made-of-Honor Molly.

... stand there ...

... pivot ... don't forget to louver ...

My sister Ute seems to whisper a secret to William.

Not yet, not yet.
But tomorrow at this time ...

Practicing the leaving.

The marching-in was practiced at the end.

Rehearsal Dinner at the CAPITAL ALE HOUSE.  
A wonderful choice of our hosts Mike and Kathy Waller. THANK YOU! It was a wonderful event.

As always my German friend Inge helped too. She picked up my cousin Eva, her husband Arno and son Alex from the train station. Driving in America .. piece of cake. She probably didn't even need the GPS.

Wade's friends from near and far.

Wade's sister Katie and boyfriend Tim.

Sarah's friends from near and far.

Wade's parents and other family members. We had a very good time getting to know them.

Our hosts Kathy and Mike.

Becky, Wade's grandmother Nana.

Sarah surprises Maren with a gift.

Helen has no problem with her German.


William loves to party!

And speeches have to be held.

The welcome by Mike!

The Bride's father talking about her, haha.

It wasn't too embarrassing, was it?

Mike introducing the slide show ... child hood pictures.

 Katie talking about her brother.

Sarah's godfather, Uncle David, has to say a few things too.

Oh, oh, what are the Germans up to?

Gerhard is playing the mouth harmonica. An old German song was sung ...

... circling around the bride.

Wir winden dir den Jungfernkranz
Mit veilchenblauer Seide
Wir führen dich zu Spiel und Tanz
Zu Glück und Liebesfreude!
Schöner grüner,
Schöner grüner Jungfernkranz!
Veilchenblaue Seide!

Wade's family!

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