Saturday, June 9, 2012


Arrived Wednesday morning in Frankfurt. It was cold and rainy. Ha-ha, what did I expect? Got a rented car and then the drive to my sister in Herten was miserable. The rain and lots of traffic made it so strenuous that I got very tired and had to stop at a rest-stop and I actually fell asleep for a 15 or so minute power-nap. Smart move. It was much better after that.

Frankfurt is a huge airport but not enough gates to dock to. So we had to walk down the steps and were brought by bus to the terminal.
Thursday was a bank holiday in Germany. My sister had invited her three children plus and cooked a "Hubertus Topf" the day before. It went into the oven. I think it is similar to a stew.
Before the feast she warmed it up on the stove. See the steam? There was a choice of boiled potatoes and noodles and a huge bowl of salad.

Adrian (Tobias' youngest) was told to wait until everybody was at the table and a prayer had been sad. He was hungry.

Ute had funny napkins:
Please mark after you enjoyed
o You are my favorite chef
o I am full
o Is it allowed to kiss the chef?
o So delicious
o Is there more?
o May I come again?
Several answers are possible

I love family gatherings.

Of course we had dessert. Besides ice cream and Samoas Girl Scout cookies (had to bring them. The two boys are scouts too) I have to have these "foam kisses" at least one time when I visit. I bought mini ones. Plenty enough calories.

Gero told me the way to eat them, you suck the inside out of the chocolate shell. But it is not that easy.

His brother did it in a jiffy. Then he put in a little ice cream from his grandpa. Double dipping?

After lunch some of us played a little ball outside.

I was too close to the hedge. Had to run around a lot. Oh well ...

Carsten, my sister's oldest, had partied the night before. A nap after a good meal is always great. Gero trimmed the hedge while his brother jumped with the rope.

Maren took my camera from me and took some pictures.

Tobias is very tall.

"See you Sunday".

My sister and I.

Love this hanging basket. Have you ever seen pink flowering strawberries?

Gaensebluemchen (Bellis Perennis) I think is called lawn daisy in English. My sister says it is a medicinal herb and great in salads.  I looked it up in Wikipidea: ... potherb. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads or cooked, noting that the leaves become increasingly astringent with age. Flower buds and petals can be eaten raw in sandwiches, soups and salads. It is also used as a tea and as a vitamin supplement.
I tasted one flower. Kind of nice. Would look lovely on top of salads.

The rhubarb garden. Aaahhh. Did I say that Ute took a rhubarb cake out of the freezer for me? It was nice cold but Maren said that it reminds her of the crumble we had and she likes to make it hot in the microwave and then pours vanilla yoghurt over it. We did that when she came for tomato sandwiches last evening.

Disclaimer: The internet is lousy. This took me 24 hours to upload etc. Some of the pictures show only up half on my computer. If this is not showing up nice on yours, I can not fix it until I am back home. Grrrrrr.


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