Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting ready

Getting ready for summer ... getting ready for my trip ... doing the things which need to be done before I leave ...

Aahh, mango season. Every summer we enjoy our healthy desserts. Frozen fruit, a dollop or two of yoghurt, 30 seconds in my VitaMix machine ... bliss. We bought a box of mangoes. They were so perfect that we bought another box, and another box, and ... our freezer chest looks like there is nothing else in it. But it is so worth it.

Put the fruit into the bags, turn opening edge over and use a clip, and freeze. After frozen use the FoodSaver Vac. No juicy mess.

Mango cream (fresh not frozen fruit this time).
Memorial Day!
"Mimosas and Munchies" (and live music) in the Pavilion in our community.

Here is a video of our community building.  This is were I go (the goal is daily) to exercise.

 ... next to the pool.

Love this sign. Seems there is a problem?
This was a project which took more then 5 minutes too. A children's I SPY quilt.

Had to hand-sew the binding.
Finished! Yeah! It will be raffled by our church for the Scholarship Fund. Do you want to win it? Get a ticket!

USA map on the back

The front. 48 special fabric squares. "I spy with my little eye ... mosquitoes!"
Oh yes! Dessert after dinner at the Wallers. Apple dumplings! Go to her blog for the recipe. Out of this world.

Both of our girls (and husbands) are working hard on their vegetable gardens. Its so much fun.

Friday lunch at the Greek Festival. Wow, that is good food. And I love Greek music.

Even the TV news people were there.
James reminded me that there might not be any more nice annuals available to buy when we come back ... so a trip to get red and white vincas and blue lobelias.
 Don't be too busy to spend time with your friends. We went to the ballgame with our friends Barbara and Rob L. and had a great time watching the Richmond Squirrels ...but unfortunately they lost in the final inning.
A bride throwing the first ball?
Taking advantage of our son-in-law. The bottom branches of that tree had to go.
Sarah is watching too. At least we offered dinner first, haha.
 No hesitating on his part. He knew exactly which ones had to go.
And when I was starting to get frantic about things to do, my dear husband made lunch for us. Remember the squash from this blog day 3 ?

Spaghetti squash with steamed spinach and scrambled egg. Yummy!
This is the picture my niece Maren emailed to me. Her shopping list for me! Well, I solicited the list. Then I don't have to have a bad conscience if I need her to send me something from Germany.

So on my list to do: shopping, shopping.


  1. Ducks don't rock and roll? :) They need to play the song "Disco Duck".

  2. Is the fresh Mango cream made from yougurt and mangos too?

    We were at the Greek festival Friday for lunch too - wish we had seen you.

    1. Bummer, Christina, would have been nice to see you. Yes, Mango cream is made exactly the same as the ice cream - only the fruit is not frozen.