Monday, June 11, 2012

German Curb Appeal and more

Whenever possible I try to get a good walk in ... have to have at least some sort of exercise. I am afraid to come back with a few kilos more.

On those walks I have fun looking at the front yards. Definitely different.

 Privacy fence

These gravel gardens seem to be the thing now. Nothing to mow.

Ha, and then I went shopping with my niece Maren. She had to work til 2 pm and then she picked me up and whisked me over the autobahn to a shopping center in Oberhausen. I had told her that I needed to buy a pair of shoes. Over the years I have bought most of my shoes on visits in Germany.
Well, it didn't take long and we had found three pairs. Huge success for somebody who doesn't like shopping. I am happy. And Maren seemed to have a lot of fun finding them for me. And ... she found a few things for herself too.
These are our wonderful longtime friends Corry and Werner D.
Corry and I lived in Dorsten and Werner in Singen when the three of us met in Romania. Werner told me right away that he had a great friend who was single ... and introduced us.
James and I got married before Corry and Werner ... and everybody lived happily ever after.

They live in Singen and happened to be in the area for a wedding. So we had lunch on Sunday. We only see each other with great gaps in-between but it always seems like yesterday.   

It is "spargel" season (white asparagus). It has a very special taste and there are lots of different dishes/recipes. In my sister's area several farmers grow it and also have restaurants. It is lovely.

This is Werner's schnitzel with spargel.

This is my "Gemuesepfanne mit Spargel" baked with cheese. 

And because our server had upset my drink in the beginning (but I had jumped up fast enough so no damage) they brought us complimentary fresh strawberries (in season everywhere too, we pass the fields were you can pick yourselves) with whipped cream with our coffee.
A little shop attached. You can buy the white asparagus even peeled so its even easier to fix at home.
The restaurant/cafe.

Right outside the beer-garden where you only get bratwurst or cake baked right here too. None of the other 'fancy' food.

It had been quite a meal so we decided to leave the car parked and go for a walk through the fields.
It was lovely. We had no idea where we were going but managed to do a circle and end up at the right place again. Quite a long walk ... with one of my new pairs of shoes ... no damage done here either.
After I parted with my friends I had to hurry to my nephew Tobias and his family. June 10th ... Tobias' birthday.

Maren took my camera and made these pictures.
I had brought one of those singing candle flower thingies from Kroger and the boys were intrigued by it.

How old turned Tobias today? He still likes to make faces.

I was 20 minutes late and the others had eaten their cake but mine had been saved. So, this is were I put the candle for Tobias.
 Manuela and Ute.
But I claimed my piece of cake. After all Manuela had baked it.

Then Adrian, the younger, had to take it apart to see how it works. It least that made the music stop.
Maren is in this picture (front right) since for once she didn't take it.
 A little exercise after the cake.
Then Gero and Adrian draw a birthday message with chalk for their dad in front of the house which we had to admire.
 Some more exercise.

Manuela with her boys.
 Tobias and his oldest Gero.
 Grandpa Siegbert (Ute's husband).
 One of the two rescue dogs.

But before we could leave we all enjoyed noodle salad and baguette and this wonderful cheesy leek soup. Manuela shared the recipe so I have to try that coming winter.

What a great day. The weatherman had forecast rain but it ended up being a sunny day and we were able to enjoy the day outdoors ... and in great company.


  1. The spargel made my mouth water....yummy, yummy.

  2. Love the black shoes :D
    Cheers Britt in Australia

    1. They are for winter ... worn with hand-knitted wool socks.

  3. I confess that this non-gardener loves those paved gardens! Since I came to Richmond I’ve dreamed of living in the Fan with just such a garden. Loved seeing the picture of the friends who introduced you and James after hearing the story. Old friends that you can just pick up with after time apart are a real blessing.