Friday, June 29, 2012

Turkey Trip Day 4

Several Days have passed now were I could not post a blog because of lack of internet. I will have to do most of it when I am back home. I need to say though that my photos/blogs can not describe what an incredible trip it has been so far. James and I agree that it exceeds way our expectations. My blogs (hopefully) can only wet your appetite to see all of this yourselves.

Our trip leader Aykut is full of knowledge ... about history ... about the buildings .... about customs and the people ... you name it. He gets excited when we want to know something and we are always up to it when he suggests to do something in addition to the itinerary. Our group of 13 travelers is very nice. Everybody has good humor and is considerate. By now we all got to know each other quite well. It is a fun group of people and we laugh a lot, even making fun of each other.

Monday June 18

After breakfast at the hotel we fly from Istanbul to Izmir. The plane was full. I had a window seat and since the weather was good a great view.
We were met by our "new" (next) bus and had quite a drive in front of us to Kusadasi. This was the "A Day in the Life" day which our tour company OAT (Overseas Adventure Travel) always includes. The idea is to really get to know some people in the country you are visiting.

Here we stop at an Adult Education School (since the schools for children had closed for the summer vacation).
Adults are learning skills in many ways. These decorations (Atatuerk) were done by students of course.
First we visited the class were students learn English. They were very eager to (try to) talk with us.
This is the beauty class. Facials and haircuts. 
Behind the door these pictures.
The sewing class. Somebody seems to be very proud of what she just finished.
Some work was exhibited in the hallway. Unfortunately my camera was set wrong.
The work was really impressive.
The school also provides daycare for the children of the students.
We visited a class in the next village. OAT had bought several sewing machines to help the teacher with her program here.
She told us that the students learn by making their own dowry. 
The next stop in a private home in a Turkish village. The women in this household and friends or neighbors had prepared a meal for us. 

We could sit on the front porch. Aykut translated.
Starting off as always with lentil soup.
One dish after the other came around. This was sauteed eggplant. 

My favorite. Stuffed zucchini blossoms.
 My plate filled. It was all excellent.
The women showed us their handiwork. They bought scarves and edged them with crochet and even some tatting.
I had to model. Since I was tatting on the bus our leader Aykut knew that I liked handwork.
I was the first to select a scarf and then I think the women had a good business with our group.
Turkish tea at the end.

We had had a great time with these village women. I wanted to say thank you and since they seem to enjoy making those lace edgings, I quickly got one of the hearts I had tatted in the plane to give to the hostess. Aykut translated that she was very pleased and the 'tatter' in their circle most likely would imitate it.

And more driving, driving, driving. The winding coast line was very pretty.
Finally we reached our hotel in Kusadasi.
The pool and ocean was looking so inviting that we quickly found our swimsuits.The pool was very lovely and I also enjoyed it very much. James of course had to try the ocean too. Here was no beach though and the water was not very clear so I just enjoyed the view.
 Dinner at sundown.

Buffet of course. 
The desert.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
From Aykut's CD:
Day 4 Monday 06.18.2012 (Kusadası)

Day In The Life Project
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Flight From Istanbul to Izmir
  • Drive to Buca for the People’s Education Center (Grand Circle Foundation Site)
  • Stop at Belenbaşı Village to see what has the foundation done for the ladies there
  • Drive to Kırıklar Village
  • Information about the village life
  • Home Hosted Lunch, Turkish tea
  • Walk in the Village
  • Dinner at the Hotel
  • Port talk about the following day’s Program
Overnight at Charisma Hotel, Kuşadası


  1. I might have to ask our local Turkish Restaurant man if he can hook me up with a job in Izmir (that is where he is from). The food looks amazing!

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time - love all the pics cheers Britt in Australia :D