Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Friends and Family

Another cold and rainy (looking) day. But it was fun anyway. Today was Maren's day off so Ute and I were meeting her at 10 am in Recklinghausen in a Cafe for brunch.

It was a nice place. You could order from the card but they had a nice buffet with all the typical brunch things. Maren topped everything off with a croscant dipped in nutella (hazelnut chocolate spread).
After that we went shopping ... for William of course. We all have German bedding and Helen had asked for something similar for William. Few days ago Ute and I had inquired and had talked to an expert ... a lady in a bedding shop who had a toddler herself. No comforters for German kids as long as possible.  Sleeping bags! And we got a long explanation about the health benefits. So ... for the next winter ... its going to be in the mail tomorrow.
And soccer mania visible again. Almost life size chocolate soccer balls.
Recklinghausen is an old town with a lovely old center great for pedestrians.
Really, something to photograph around every corner.
Soccer players ... sweet soccer players!
We brought Maren home and had a little time for refreshments. Maren is an artist and her apartment is decorated very inspired.  It's on the 5th floor (without elevator ... huff, puff). Anybody would feel happy and welcomed in it. This is her living room.
The living room looking towards the entry.
 The bedroom.

The tiny kitchen. I love Maren's sense of nostalgia. I remember several items from my parents and grandparents (her great-grandparents).

And of course IKEA.

Maren is a lot of fun to be with.

And then we headed to the little town Bork.  Ute and I picked Gisela up to enjoy some coffee and cake somewhere. Gisela is famous for her baking but we didn't want her to go through any trouble and insisted. Here I am with her and her husband Gerhard.

Gisela led us to the Indigo Cafe. The owner is also the owner of the  'Blaudruckerei Luedinghausen'. (block printing on fabric) ... and later we visited the shop in town too.

It was very nicely decorated with the blue and white fabric everywhere and lovely stitched cloths.

Ute had a waffle with fresh strawberries.

I felt like something hearty so I had a typical for the area sausage

... which came with a salad.

Gisela had torte.

Linen with lace and here a tiny block print. 

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  1. Oh, dear. Now I need to put Germany on my travel dream list. Lovely.