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I started to blog more then a year ago and it has been fun. I heard from some of our friends and family that they enjoyed reading this or that but I think I really mainly do it for myself. It can be a reflection, a meditation, or/and aaahhh the memories. It might even be helpful like the last one for my fellow Block Lotto quilters.Who knows?
I also am reading other bloggers' blogs and enjoying them immensely ... but none so much as my girls' blogs. Sarah started the River City Wallers November 2011, well really March 2012 and Helen just recently Off The Wahl Tales. Boy, can I learn from them. Love, love reading theirs. Of course in the future you could find both links on my reading list on the right.

Well, Helen just blogged about a challenge she found. It is soooooooooo tempting:

Here is the link to the Photo-A-Day-June


June 1. Morning

I know that I will not be able to do the whole month but only the first few days ... so 3 photos on one day should be allowed. Haha who will stop me anyway.

When time allows we like to have an early cup of tea in bed with the news. Schatzi was visiting overnight. She didn't care about the news.

When William was visiting, he liked to snuggle up with us too.

When I arrived in Nashville last time, the place had just been burglarized a few days earlier. Silvi was kind enough to spend the night with me to protect me. This look in the morning: time to get up and go for a walk!

June 2. Empty

Yup, empty. This morning's early cup of tea. Notice the cup. My mummy cup. James has a daddy cup like it. Fine bone china bought in Windsor, England (James' hometown). Tea tastes better. Really!

June 3. On your plate

Haha, on the plate is the spaghetti squash which I forgot to cook for dinner tonight. Forgot! Daughter Sarah and husband came for dinner. We had steaks and grilled veggies and a very lovely salad. James was doing the steaks and said "Almost done. What about the spaghetti squash?"  ...  Ups.

June 4. Close-up.

Getting brave in my old age ... but just felt like it. Why red? Why pink? I like my green toes!

June 5. Sign

This was at a fast-food drive-through. James is 6' 4" but I don't think even he needed that warning. Head?

June 6. Hat
Take a photo of you wearing a hat, someone else wearing a hat, a hat in a shop - and yes those in cooler months - beanies count!
7. Drink
Take a photo of a drink, a beverage etc
8. 6 o'clock
Take a photo of what you're doing at either 6am or 6pm. Or take a photo of the clock at that time.
9. Your view today
What's your view today? What can you see? Snap it. Share it!
10. Best bit of your weekend
What was the best bit about your weekend? Take a photo of it.
11. Door
Take a photo of a door, big or small.
12. From a low angle
Get down low and shoot.
13. Art
Take a photo of a piece of art you have displayed in your home, you've created or you see while out. Any art will do!
14. Time
Take a photo of time; a clock, a watch, before and after - anything that symbolises time!
15. Yellow
Take a photo of anything yellow - the sun, or something you see!
16. Out and about
Get out and about today and take a photo of what you do.
17. In your bag
What's in your bag? Share it.
18. Something we don't know about you
Can you twist your tongue? Did you get a diploma in something? Do you love Justin Bieber bad? Share something that we might not know about you
19. Imperfect
Share something imperfect. Is it you? A broken glass? An irregular shape. Something!
20. Fave photo you've ever taken
Re-share a favourite photo that you've taken over time or shoot a new favourite!
21. Where you slept
Where did you sleep last night? Take a photo and share it.
22. From a high angle
Shoot your photo from a high angle looking down.
23. Movement
Take a photo of movement; a car flying by, a person dancing, someone jumping - anything!
24. On your mind
What are you thinking about? The news? Your family? Yourself? Share what's on your mind.
25. Something cute
Did you spot something cute? An animal? A person? A thing?
26. Where you shop
Do you shop online? Or in a store? Share where you shop.
27. Bathroom
Share a bathroom - yours, a public one, a friends - can even just be the door.
28. On the shelf
Shoot a shelf and what's on it.
29. Soft
What's soft? Is it your hair, a toy, a sofa, or something else?
30. A friend
Take a snap of a friend and share it.

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