Friday, June 15, 2012


No pictures today. I am sitting at Frankfurt Airport waiting for the time to pass for my flight ... but mainly waiting for my honey to arrive from Washington Dulles. It doesn't look good that he gets the connection. The plane is late again as he observed all week and tried unsuccessfully to change his flight. Sigh.

I got up at 5 this morning and left my sister in Herten (near Recklinghausen) soon after. When you have a 3 hours plus drive on a German Autobahn you never know how long it might take you. But it was a lovely drive. It was already light and clear and dry. Yes, no rain.

It's lovely landscape. Sauerland, Taunus, many high bridges over deep valleys.

The temptation? The speed gauge on the rented car went all the way to 240 km (149 miles) . There was a straight stretch with not so much traffic ... no, I did not try whether the car really went that fast. I went 120 km most of the time and that is 75 miles. Wasn't I a good girl?

And now I am getting antsy about our flight and James. Hope to report from Turkey soon.

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  1. I hope Dad made it....he took an earlier flight to DC but no news since I talked to him news must be good news (?)