Monday, September 1, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 11

Sunday August 31


This was out totally "free" day here. No booked tour. So, first the included breakfast at the hotel. Buffet of course but with hot items. To make tea they even have tea pots. They must have lots of British guests. And we could enjoy it outside. All very satisfactory.



Then we go for a walk. We remember hats and even sunglasses.

Our hotel at daytime.



We go the same walkway as last night.




Quite often there is a cafe. Right on the walkway or steps down on the cliffs. This one has a crochet tablecloth on every table. I would hate to spill red wine.





After 1 mile and 1/4 we come to a bit of a dead end. There is a beach which I investigate because I had been in Dubrovnik with Corry 40 some years ago but I really can't remember where exactly or what kind of hotel etc. this didn't jog my memory either.

James found a shady spot. He had gone to the edge to look at the ocean and sat down on a rock but then he noticed ... it was a topless beach ... and he had sat on an ant road.



We whiled away some time in the hotel and then made our way to the old town. This time bus 6 to Pile Gate.


From that gate looking down the main street. We knew from our first visit that the streets all over are very polished and slick.



We had bought a one day tourist card which gave us a tourist book and entry to certain places including the wall which by itself is 100 Kune.

What we definitely wanted to see was the Rector's Palace (on the left with the columns).



This guy Marin Držić (1508-1567) gets his nose rubbed a lot. He stands on the left of the building. I have to google when I am back home.

Ups, sits!



Massive doors to the palace.



There was lots to see. But I can't show everything. Photos were not really allowed but I really liked these guys (besides the one in blue). They are called green men because of the patina. They are bronze and are jack men. They hit against the bells at certain times. We were told other famous towers across Europe have them too. I was impressed because these guys are high up in the tower and nobody really would see them. Yet they are made with very nice details. I think that is pride in workmanship. Sorry I wasn't brave enough for any details.




Upstairs was a special exhibition about the diplomats and composers Luka and Antun Sorkočević. It was very well done and mainly about the music.

A photo out of the upstairs window. Can you imagine what this must have looked like hundreds of years ago.



Sneaked another picture. This is Cleopatra committing suicide with the asp, a most poisonous snake. I can't think carving marble like this that you can see the snake bite pinching the skin.



Because of the uneven ground everywhere we (especially James) are very careful. Holding on to railings. Look at these! Hands mounted to hold the rods. Love things like this.




The cathedral. We looked up what we were supposed to look at but didn't get too much into this.




We were told from the cathedral make a left turn to find nicer and cheaper places to eat.



Don't know whether this was it but it was good and fun.

Grilled veggies with (local) cheese and (local) ham for James.



Grilled veggies with seafood for Christa.



Still a bit early but so be it: on the way to the harbor gate entrance to the wall past the tower with the green men (replicas).



Really, I took a lot of photos. I had to whittle them down. I have no idea whether this really gives a good impression but it is so amazing. You look down and see how enormous this is. Walls are high inside and out.






During our visit every guide had to mention the latest wars in this area not that long ago. All the old roofs are beige/brownish. All the new roofs are red. Bombings took place for months from the old fort above the town. Some houses are not yet rebuilt.







Couldn't help it. I know they are not advertising airconditioned toilets. Or are they?








Pile Gate area.



What I found most amazing that people lived everywhere.




Some young men climbed up on the rocks outside and jumped.



We made it almost around the whole way. James did extremely well with his ankle. He said the worst was that he always has to look down and be careful. But we were very hot and sweaty and the rest was not so interesting. The whole thing is about 2 miles (or kilometers?). Anyway, lots of steep stairs up and down.

We had seen lots of little places hidden away from the major tourism so decided to give one some business.

Picture one way.



Picture the other way. James was looking something up on the iPhone. Most places have free WiFi. Even when it is very limited it is quite nice.



Bus number 6 back to our hotel it was quite full and we were watching eagerly not to miss where we had to get off.

Back to the hotel to wash the sweat off and get into dry clothes. And off to find dinner. This time not down the touristy promenade but behind our hotel. It's all open air and very nice. As some of you know from Facebook I was a bit taken aback by a man walking in and passed me in speedos and an open shirt. I am not a fashion person but really?

Otherwise we really enjoyed it again. Perfect temp and no bugs to speak of. Nice local wine. First we shared fried calamari.



James had lamb.



I had fish filet. Ha, that's how I like fish!



And a selfie.



Short walk back to the hotel. Packing has time till tomorrow morning.



  1. Your trip sounds amazing, glad James is coping OK.
    We have just made it to Spain!

  2. What a beautiful city. I love the little walled home garden. This is something that I adore about Europe – places this beautiful and picturesque in the states would be either for tourists (Williamsburg) or commercial, but these are just people’s homes and businesses. And yet they don’t seem to take them for granted. After the destruction of war, they restore them more often than not.