Friday, September 12, 2014

Another wedding quilt

Alex (my cousin Eva's son) is getting married to Dolores on September 13 2014. We decided that they might like a handmade quilt. I started writing this blog a long time ago but since we presented the present last night I can now finish the blog and post it.

* * * *

It began with a little demo at the Church Mice Quilters meeting. It made me nosy and I googled "disappearing pinwheel" and found a great tutorial. Yeah for u-tube!


I changed the sizes a little. For each block I needed two squares 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches. I needed one "background square" for each block and decided on a TOT cream. The second square for each block can be anything from your stash but I found out that the bride likes red. I made 30 blocks! 6 rows of 5.



Put the two squares right sides together and sew all around the outside edge of course with the 1/4 inch seam allowance. It goes quite fast if you do "chain sewing", several blocks at one time.



Cut each sewn square diagonally twice.



Press each seam to set and then press open to the darker side of course. Sew together as shown. Iron.



Trim each square to 12 x 12 inches. To make sure it is the most accurate I line the ruler up to the middle line and cut 6 inches to the outside for the first trim. Quarter turn and the same for the second trim. After that I line up for the 12 inches.


After trimming I cut into 9 blocks, all 4 x 4 inches. Make first cut 2 inches from middle line ... quarter turn ... same again 3 more times.



Turn some squares according to the picture.



I use wonder clips to make three rows and do chain sewing again working on several blocks at a time.



It is really a fun block to make.



I actually made more then the 30 blocks because I was insecure about what the recipient of the quilt might like. I kept changing them around which was a headache. Decision, decision ...




And then came the border. Solid squares or not?



Dark or light?



No, just pinwheels all around. These where made with 5 inch squares.



I found though that I had to adjust the sashing between the pinwheels slightly of the ones top to bottom from the ones across because of the different numbers of blocks. You need to do math when you quilt?


If the quilt is a "serious" one like this one being given as a wedding present I dare not to quilt it myself. Just got it back from the "longarmer". Let the trimming begin. Crawling on the bedroom floor.




I had chosen cream thread and really like it. It does not interfere with the pattern on the front but shows up nicely on the back. Daisies and hearts ( actually called "wandering daisies"), I hope it's not too mushy. Oh well, they will be newly weds ... and the hearts could be leaves.



The binding is sewn on and now comes the hand sewing part. Btw ... the size is about 70 x 81 inches.


Found this written by a quilter in blog land: "Being able to settle down with a quilt to hand sew the binding is quiltings reward for finishing."


Of course no quilt is finished without a label. Printed on photo fabric and hand stitched to the back.




September 11

I think they like it!



Only two more days to the wedding!



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  1. This idea with the pin wheel is new to me, I love it and will have a go when I get home in October. I have made a number of quilts with just the basic pinwheel idea. Thanks for sharing.