Monday, September 15, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 25

Sunday September 14


It had been rather late when we were all finally in bed and asleep after the wedding. The result: it was rather late when we woke up too. I was awake and James was getting ready when Maren rang the doorbell at 9 am and I let her in. We had all agreed to have a leisurely breakfast together.

Soon we were around the table though. Tea and coffee always help. It was lovely.

Too bad that Ronald (Petra's son) wasn't there also. He wanted to but he walked around the house at 8 am and since all the "Rollladen" (German window coverings) were still closed, he didn't want to ring the bell and just drove home. Some of us were awake! I enjoyed his humor at the wedding.



After a while we were back in the living room and relived the wedding event. Everybody had noticed something different.

Petra left to drive home around lunchtime.

Sometime later the rest of us decided to walk to a restaurant for lunch courtesy of James' German pension.



The walk really felt good.



And it was interesting!



We all got a salad which felt really good too.



James saw this sign and asked "Goethe was here too?" There seem to be lots of signs where he (and Schiller and other famous people seemed to have been or slept). Eva told him to look for the small print.

The signs says: Goethe was here ... never



Very top right.




Maren's lunch. She had told the very friendly server that she would be very happy to have less meat for an extra "Kloß".



James and mine. I had Federweißer and James beer. Extra sauce. Server: Klöße have to swim!



Couldn't resist. Well, and why not?



This was the place. Have to remember it. Excellent food and service.



And then it was time for Ute and Maren to leave. It was quite a drive home for them. So many constructions on the autobahn. Around 20:00 we heard that they had arrived safely. Always good to know.

I love family time. It was good to see my sister and my niece. It had been too long since I had seen Maren.



Eva, James and I watched golf (from Atlanta) and FaceTime with Helen and William. Darn, I forgot to take screen photos.

We really really didn't need any supper. I did crack some hazelnuts from a tree in Eva's garden though.



All I had to do pick them up from the driveway.



The hazelnut tree right there. What a luxury.



Talk talk talk, with lots of laughs.

Night night.



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