Friday, September 12, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 22

Thursday September 11


We are now in Jena, city famous for Zeiss optical systems. Lenses!

And German Jenaer Glas, fine-quality glass with improved resistance to heat and shock, suited for chemical ware. It was developed for thermometers and measuring vessels, optical ware, and scientific and industrial uses (Wikipedia). Kitchenware, you can cook and bake with it.

After a fine breakfast Eva took us into the town. I wanted to do a little shopping. William needs books and Caleb needs sleeping bags. All during our travels I was on the lookout but without luck. I thought Eva might know.




Around city hall and market were stalls being put up for some kind of fall festival. James said how nice it must be during advent time.



Jena has remnants of times gone past, even roman structures, but it is mixed with the modern. I love open air markets.




Since we are here for the wedding, I can't help being reminded. For my church wedding I wore a crown woven from Myrte. Wished I could take a plant home.




We were not lucky and said to Eva I wished they had an IKEA. And off she took us to the Erfurt IKEA where we had to have first a refreshment.



And Omi got lucky.



Then Eva showed us Weimar, also a town with a lot of history.

This is the German National Theater in Weimar with the two famous German poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) and Friedrich Schiller (1759 - 1805) as statues in front. Eva told us that the sculptor cheated a little because the two seem to be same size but Schiller was 1,90 meter groß and Goethe only 1,69 which he didn't like.



We walked around a little (with umbrellas trying to dodge the rain) and when Omi saw a bookstore she got lucky in this one.



Eva reads my blogs so she knew that we had seen a similar statue in Croatia. Which came first with the idea?



This is the house Goethe lived in.



And this is the house Schiller lived in.



As always and every day on this trip so many beautiful things to see and photograph. I could put many more pictures into this blog.




Back at Eva's she is preparing dinner (after we had coffee and a piece of the apple cake she had baked ... With apples from her tree ... o.k. a piece and a half). The young couple is coming for the evening.


I am also taking notes of kitchen designs. Would love to do a little remodeling in my kitchen at home.



Alex, my cousin's son, is the grillmeister tonight. He is talking with Maren, my niece, the official photographer, who is coming with my sister tomorrow.



This area is called Thüringen. Gotha is also in Thüringen and as a child I spent almost every summer school vacation time with my grandparents. There are certain things like the smell of Thüringer Rostbratwürstchen which one just can't forget. Precious memories.



Thüringer Rostbrätel, potato salad, tomato salad, beer or wine. Life is good!



I am so happy for Alex because his future wife seems to be just perfect for him. How do you say? We hit it off! It was a lovely evening with nice conversation.



Alex made the first fire in the fireplace of the season. Very cosy.



Our wedding present: the quilt I had made. They seem to like it which is of course a relief. Quilts and quilting is not that common in Germany but is becoming more popular.

Alex said since his eyes are closed I should take the next one for the blog. I think so that he looks so content that I really like this one too.




After they had left we sat around a little longer until the fire died down. Keep your fingers crossed that all the rain which is coming down is it and no more on Saturday!


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  1. I can't imaging anyone not loving one of your lovely quilts!