Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 19

Monday September 8


Breakfast! Nobody will leave hungry. It's a nice room with big beams.



After breakfast we investigate a little. In the other house attached with that little covered bridge I have shown in a previous blog is a wellness center with an indoor pool. We were told that used to be the stables for the horses since this used to be the post (mail) house.




On the stairway.



There are lots of small rooms to read or lounge etc. All are decorated special.



And when you go down to the reception you might fall over Hubert who sometimes wants to be petted and sometimes ignores you.



We decided to go for a walk. There was a small little river we went along first and then on a bicycle path.



A whole field of those poisonous Herbstzeitlose.



Back through a city gate.



It had been overcast earlier but was clear now. We had seen the tower (picture after next) and we thought we could go up so we tried to find the entrance.

This used to be a cloister but is now used for weddings and in the summer as an open air theater.




No access to the tower but we found the door to the church. We were very surprised to find that this is an evangelical (protestant) church. Most churches in Bavaria are catholic.

What surprised us even more was that there was a name plate at almost every seat.




I finally found a note explaining it:

Place tags for churchgoers?

It's something curious which was still common until about 100 years ago in this rural area. Several villages and remote farms belong to this congregation sometimes 10 km away. Many church members had to come great distances and sometimes had walked 2 hours on foot. So that they didn't have to find a place they could go straight to THEIR place which had been given to them, women here, men in the galerie.



Close-up of the altar area. Another surprise ... looking more catholic then evangelical.



Love it. I bet this paschal candle is hand decorated.



And every church has an organ. Wished I could hear one.



From the outside. Now one can see both towers ... and they are different.




And right next to it is a little church which had started out as the baptism chapel of the local royalties.




This was standing on the left side of the altar. Obviously each square done by a child or may be church member.



Back to the hotel where we spent quite a while in our room. James was fighting with the internet. We were expecting important papers from back home which we had to sign electronically and send back by a certain deadline. Of course there are always those certain clauses but it looks like Timberly is sold. Now the typical waiting for about 2 weeks. It was a tad nerving but James got it done.

After that we went for a swim. We were all by ourselves and also used the sauna and steam rooms etc. And there was also orange juice. Really nice.



Oh yes, this old couple was back too. I inquired and the owner told me that they stay all year round and have raised 3 young ones this year but they got kicked out some time ago.



Every evening the same question: Where to go for dinner? We just went next door and had a salad first.



German side salads are different. Underneath the greens (which I already ate) are little heaps of different salads. Cucumber, shredded carrots, redishes, sometimes potato or red beets or celery (root). You are never asked what dressing. It's always a light vinaigrette.



Then I had a schnitzel filled with sauerkraut.



It was ... different. The taste was nice but the meat was a bit tough.



James had beef with a horseradish sauce.



Oh well, needed to do some celebrating so we went down the street the the ice cafe.



Hubert was greeting us when we returned.



Another lovely day. Doesn't seem so exciting but it was relaxing and we could catch up on things.

Night night!



  1. Oh, I disagree completely. It sounds VERY exciting! A perfect day abroad. Thanks for sharing.

    - Mike S.

    PS - You are both missed! Be safe.

  2. I love the IDEA of staying in a hotel with a pool/spa. But unless I stayed in one in Richmond, I’d probably never use it. When I’m traveling, I consider those things a waste of time – I’d rather be exploring (or eating). Though, if I were traveling for as long as you have been, I might change my mind. I can see how relaxing a little spa time could be. Especially after the mountain climbing you did yesterday!

    I loved the child-decorated cross in the chapel. Some folks’ well-loved church home!

    1. You are very right about wasting (or not) time. We were ready for a little relaxation at this point.