Thursday, September 4, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 15

Thursday September 4


Time to pack again ... Just when the weather in Vienna seems to get a bit better again. Took the underground from the Stephan's Platz to the train station. Very convenient. Didn't even have to buy tickets since we were still within the 24 hours from the day before.

We had to wait a little but there was free WiFi at the station. Who knows when we will have internet again.



20 more minutes.



Found a very good place for us. The train was not full. Right in front of us this screen which gave lots of information even maps marked where we were.



And what speed we were going. We went sometimes 140 mph. Not bad.



We also could charge our gadgets at our seats and there was internet. I got the blog from the day before posted.



Of course it was lovely looking out of the window. Every time it was extra special and I wanted to take a photo I wasn't fast enough though.






From Munich Hbf we took the S-Bahn to the Airport to pick up the rental car. Well, that was a disaster. James of course had made a reservation online. There was a long line. I think mainly because almost everybody had to complain as we found out when it was our turn. They didn't honor the terms of our contract and wanted us to pay an extra $25 per day insurance. They claimed that it was mandatory.

We ended up going to a different rental agency but no matter what, the rental car costs us double as what we had expected. Grrrrrrrr. At that point we were at their mercy.


Finally on the road to our next 3-night stay. Traffic in Munich on the autobahn .......



We arrived, checked in, went for dinner since we did not have lunch. After all that food lately it was nice to almost be hungry.

Mine. No meat. Mushrooms are in season. Yummmmm.



James: deer and homemade Spätzle.




Night night!


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