Friday, September 12, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 23

Friday September 12


A very low-key day. It is raining all day. After a late leasurely breakfast Eva would like to drive to Rewe (supermarket) and I go with her. James is reading on the sofa. He is on page 710 for the book club.

Afterwards Eva starts a pumpkin soup (with a Hokkaido) for us tonight. She has to leave at 15:30 to teach a class but James and I will wait for the arrival of my sister Ute and her daughter Maren.




While we are in the kitchen / dining table we can FaceTime with Sarah. Oh how nice it is to see her and Caleb. I take screen pictures to show Eva what one can do with today's gadgets. I am sometimes amazed myself. The first one is "as seen", the others are cropped.

Notice Edy going around Caleb all the time.






We hear from Helen and her family too via photos by e- mail or Facebook. They are on vacation in Florida on the Gulfcoast and the sandy beach and sunshine - we are jealous.

I try to pay attention how the soup is made. I get to taste it and it is so delicious. Eva is doing the final touches.




When that is done we have coffee and cake. We try the Rothenburger Specialties Schneeebälle. They are o.k. but not really that special.




Eva gone. Ute and Maren finally arrive after a long drive in the rain with hold-ups on the autobahn. Big hello of course and a lot of talk. Finally we decide that we are hungry. OMG it never occurred to me that it could be difficult to know how to turn on the stove. All four of us take turns and try every button and possibility.



Maren calls her professional chef friend and takes photos to send to her. Pia could not help either but gives the advice that pumpkin soup is delicious cold too.

How can you get so much laughter even out of a situation like this?




James finally does find THE important button and all is well. We don't leave much for Eva when she returns around 21:00. Sorry.



Maren is showing me a sample of her new work. She is now working in a place where the photo taken is printed 3-D and you get a little figure of yourself. Pretty cool!



The rest is a bit topsy-turfy. Eva comes back and her friend Petra arrives at the same time. The bride comes briefly to pick up the wedding dress which had been hung up in a place so not to crease but of course covered so nobody would see it. With her was Andrea, her best friend and her Trauzeuge (witness) which seems to have the role as the wedding coordinator in Germany.


We laugh and talk, have a little celebratory drink and ... go to bed. An important day tomorrow. If only the rain would let up!


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