Sunday, September 14, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 24 - Wedding Day

Saturday September 13 - - - the wedding day. THE BIG DAY!

Eva's house was buzzing with people coming and going already early in the morning. We had to be ready at 8:30 am ... dressed and breakfast and all ... because that's when the bus was picking us up.

I didn't tell you yet, but when we had arrived on Wednesday our guest bed had a gift on it wrapped like a bonbon. It was my new knitted-lace shawl. When Eva had visited us in May I had given her yarn I had bought years ago with the intention to learn. It was very special yarn I had bought on a visit to China made from silk, wool and down. She is such a wonderful knitter that it seemed to make more sense than having it in a drawer. The shawl was perfect especially since I had not prepared for such cold weather. It kept me cozy. THANK YOU, EVA! I hope she has enough left to make something equally beautiful for herself.



The bus was on time and we left to pick up more guests from a certain hotel.



Ute talked with Petra and Klaus, some very distant relatives of ours I had never met.



Petra showed us some photos of the groom and her son when they were children. Fun!




Sigh. The weather was not very promising. Fog was hanging low in the hills.



We arrived at Schloß Ettersburg where the wedding was going to take place. We were too early for the 11am ceremony, walked around, met other guests, talked. There was still another wedding going on inside.

The bride had stayed the night somewhere up there in a suit with her "Trauzeugin" (witness and maid of honor) and was getting ready. Wondering whether she was peeking down on us.




The groom has arrived too. There in the corner is the car.





Maren (my niece and official photographer) was busy using the time to take photos ... of course. It is always fun watching her work.




Finally we could go inside and take a seat. It was a very impressive room.

The groom and his "Trauzeuge" (witness and best man).




Finally the beautiful bride arrived.



Die "Standesbeamtin" (official city person) led a very nice ceremony. The couple and the witnesses sat in front of her.



Herr und Frau Zschäbitz!



Congratulations! Champagne toast! (Wonderful) nibbles to eat!



Letting go of red heart balloons from the terrace.



What a lovely picture.





Dolores and her mother Adelheid.



Bride and Bridegroom did great walking around and talking to everybody. Even the little guests.




And refreshments for everybody (just saw this on one of the tables and couldn't leave it alone).




Time to leave this place (at about 13:30). And a few drops of rain into the veil for good luck.

The new mother-in-law. Eva gained a daughter.






The bus brought us back to Eva's house where we relaxed and refreshed. Some changed clothing. Bride and groom came by to pick something up. Oh yes, the photographer, ha-ha.



At 17:00 the evening celebration started which took place in the Jenaer Planetarium. We took a taxi




Several people pointed out how color coordinated I was ... drink = dress!

(Btw: the collar is bobbinlace and I made it many years ago.)



Trauzeugin Andrea's fascinator! She must be a really good friend because she did a super job to help her friend's wedding be as nice and fun as it was.



Guests are arriving.




The nibbles were outstanding too. Got some new ideas.



This is for the guest book. Everybody was encouraged to write something on a page. Pictures were taken which are added later.



My sister Ute.



Maren got to eat my star fruit. She loves them, I not so much.



Then we were invited into the planetarium.



Numbered tables with place cards.



Speeches! Alex and Dolores spoke from their hearts. We had a great sense how happy they are. Ah, such a feel-good event. Two great people found each other.



Since both of them already had a household which they now combined not much was needed, so most people gave money. In Germany you usually give money gifts kind of disguised ... like money fans decorating a tower of toilette paper.



It was fun looking over the huge table with gifts. People have fun ideas.



This picture was made by all during the reception for their rebemberance. Everybody's fingerprint.



It was quite dark in the planetarium and difficult to take pictures. Once in a while there was also a little official program. William would have loved it. About stars and constellations and space.




There was a buffet to the left and to the right, both the same because there were 123 guests. Ah, incredible good food. So wished I could taste more.





There were two games organized in between by their friends which were great fun. I have to remember these just in case I need an idea. One was about how well some selected guests knew the couple and one was about how well the couple knew their guests.

Of course there was a cake cutting but not like in USA. There were seven different tiers with a different cake each.



Decision again. Sacher or mango for James and me (we shared).



Oh yes, after taking a few dance lessons in earlier weeks: the couples Wiener Walzer. After the official part even James thought of venturing to dance with me. He got points from me for wanting to but I turned him down because of his ankle. Give it a little more time, please!



Eva, her friend Petra, Ute, Maren, James and I left around midnight by taxi but sat comfortably in the living room talking and enjoying an extremely high-class single malt. What a fun group. At about 2 am Maren walked to her bed at a friend/neighbor's house and we found our beds too.

End of a perfect day, a wonderful wedding at perfect locations. As the groom said: their motto ... the stars are aligned.


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  1. The shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot imagine doing such delicate work. I love the flowers on the car. Much nicer than the tacky sayings that end up on some cars here!