Sunday, September 7, 2014

Europe Trip - Part 17

Saturday September 6


It was 8:30 am when we went to the breakfast and the front door at the hotel was still locked. But we found a second key on our room key fob. Quite a lock!



Because we have internet at the breakfast table we took our gadgets along and tried to do some planning. Since we are leaving Peiting tomorrow James found our next destination on the "Romantic Road" which we are on. It goes officially from Würzburg to Füssen.

James also wanted to know what my thoughts were on what to do today. Poor James. I know I wasn't much help. I had not slept well and my back hurt. There is just too much choice. Too much one could see or do. I finally said that I don't really need to look at some historic building or landmark. How about just going for a hike. Now that got James excited. He felt it would not be a problem for his ankle and he was all for it.

We said hello to the Canadian couple and wished them fun at their kids ice hockey game which was at 10 this morning and the older couple who were also at breakfast.

Then we got ready and headed out.

The hike started right next to the hotel and the church. 4,3 km to Schongau.



We went past the place were we had dinner last night.




It lead us right to the steps we had seen close to the place we had dinner the first evening.



71 steps lead to a grotte with the statue of the Virgin Mother. I forgot to take a picture but it is a replica of the grotte in Lourdes. It said that on February 11 1858 the mother of Jesus appeared to a French girl in Lourdes France and asked for the people to pray for peace. Well, considering the news we get on TV that would be a very wise thing to do.



I nice view back to the village.



We didn't know but we were now actually on a way of the stations of the cross. Never experienced one like this before.



It wasn't easy to take photos of the paintings inside but you get the idea.



Once in a while you need to turn around or you miss a lovely view.





The stations of the cross went right but we had to go left.



What in the world ...



Oh, it is part of a fitness place.

There is also a rope bridge and a balance beam.



When we came out of the forest and were on top of the mountain it was so nice. Total peace except for some birds and the gentle ding ding or dong dong of the bells around the cows necks. It was so lovely. Can't help but feel happy.



At the edge on the other side a bench with the view of Schongau.




Elderberries almost ripe. Those would make a nice wine.



Germany seems to be full of "Umleitung" (detour) not only road construction but also here where the hike was supposed to go.



Instead of going 1.8 km to the left we had to go 3.2km to the right.



There were large areas of these on the edge of the road. Very pretty.



A glimpse of our destination.




The church looked unassuming from the outside but was quite impressive inside.







This altar was very very special but I have to fill in the details about it in later once I am back home.



There were lots of cafés in the city center. We always love being able to sit outside and look at all the old houses but we happen to pick the one where lots of wasps or yellow jackets or whatever they were had fun with the people. We had ordered "Currywurst", a very German thing. Wasn't the best one I ever had but I was proud of myself that I didn't flip out because of those buzzing friends.


We found a different way home. It wasn't quite as nice but much easier. A good thing since we ended up walking a total of about 10 km. James was so happy about his first hike and his ankle felt very good.



Dinner: same place as the first evening here. I had the Kürbissuppe again (pumpkin soup with a dollop of whipped cream and drizzled pumpkin seed oil).



Fillet of a local fish and the noodle looking stuff is actually potatoes.



James had what I had two days ago: mushrooms. He didn't feel good afterwards and thought there must have been a bad one amongst them.



He felt better in a little while though and we had a good night ... our last one here.



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  1. I love the mountain top view! And bravo to you both for the hike. You put us to shame!