Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Almost a month

Wow, how time flies when you are busy! Have not posted for almost a month. So much was going on. Here a report just of a few things:

A big thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift from the Wahls and the Wallers (our children) to James and me ... tickets to see the Lion King at the Landmark theatre. It was lovely!!!
The March meeting of the 'Colonial Lacemakers' ... this time at Lali's house (close to me, not much driving this time). Lali moved here from Barcelona, Spain. You can see her pillow in the foreground. She told us not to bring a sack lunch this time. She prepared tapas for us. Such a treat!

(most pictures are from her. Hope you don't mind me sharing, Lali)

Lali must have driven all over Richmond to find all these Catalan and Spanish treats for us.
Since Lali recently had visited New Orleans with her husband, she even brought these back for us!

Lali in her kitchen!

Then Sarah helped me make this! James and I were invited to a 65-year-surprise-birthday-party.

The party was in the church parish hall ... a mystery theater dinner. Lots of fun! Who done it?

I got the newest Block Lotto sneak peek. The April challenge is a HC9P (hot cross nine patch). I have written about Block Lotto before but if you want to now more, here is the link!
Here is my block!
When Sarah is working the afternoon shift or has a day off, she likes to take the dogs for a walk ... and we like to go too. This one was a looooong one. But the dogs were even more pooped then we.
A close-up of the above bush. I like it and need to find out what it is. Isn't it gorgeous?
Yes, Schatzi, you should stop and look left and right before you cross the street. Monument Avenue can be busy.
Saturday March 31st - the Richmond Ukrops 10K Run. Here an impression of the event!
Can you hear the blues band?
James was occupied with a church workshop but I drove to Sarah's house and parked. By chance Wade and his father Mike just came out and we all walked to Monument Avenue.

We had to be cheerleaders. Sarah, her sister-in-law Katie, and her mother-in-law Kathy all had signed up to run. They all got different starting times. First Katie came by. Sorry, no picture. Then Sarah. See her in the tie-die t-shirt waving? After her we saw Kathy but I only saw her too late. I am so proud of all of them!!!
Sarah told me something running by but I didn't really hear with all the noise going on. Was she saying 'Lali'?

Yes, just a few feet away ... Lali and her dog Tresces (spelling?). Her husband Albert was a runner too. So we had a nice chat.

In the evening Sarah and Wade invited us to dinner. Kathy, Mike and Katie were visiting. We had a lovely time. Wade was doing magic on the 'green egg' again.

Do you see the BBQ sign? That is Ben's artwork! You can see more on his website here.
Sarah made dessert. Brownies! She got this pan for Christmas. Never have seen one like this. The purpose: so each piece has edges. The brownies were delish!
When Wade was grilling outside, he could see the basketball game through the window. Can't miss it.
On Sunday James had to wear his UK tie from Sarah (graduate of UK) for the second Sunday in a row ... since the Wildcats won! Next: the championship game.
Theater tickets for the Sunday matinee of The Mikado. It's a silly story but funny ... and the music is great.
April 2nd
Monday morning we had things to do.

Guestroom ready - check!

Pack+play for the naps set up in the master bedroom - check!

All the electrical outlets covered - check!

The gate mounted on the top of the stairs and on the bottom - check!

The cuckoo clock turned off and the chains secured - check!
After excitement and delay Helen and William finally arrived at 5:30 pm. Their first flight had been cancelled but they got re-routed and all ended well. William is a super traveler. His mother always had been.

Stay tuned! Blogs of William's adventures soon to come!


  1. I have one of those brownie pans - they make the best, chewiest brownies! I am SO impressed with Ben's work. Wow - even your in laws are talented! That sign reminds me of the one at Buz & Ned's on Broad.