Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Saturday ... it was a low-key day. Some last minute shopping. Some last minute preparations. Helen did some baking for us. She had a recipe for "Garbanzo Bean Chocolate Brownie Bites" which sounded very interesting.
NO FLOUR. You start with garbanzo beans (also called chickpeas).

You can start with a can and drain them. But Helen showed me how to brine dried ones.
William and Omi helped. We put the liners into the baking pan.

Process the beans until they are smooth and add the other ingredients (eggs, vanilla, baking powder, sugar, chocolate and butter) and ...
... fill the cups and bake. Helen said her first batch in Nashville had turned out better. James and I tasted them - - no complaints.

The biggest of our projects: playing with William, ha-ha. He took his nap a little earlier then usual and then wanted to have his bath and bedtime a little earlier too. Perfect! He will be ready earlier Sunday morning then.

Easter Sunday. Happy Day. He is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

After breakfast before going to church there was still time for William to watch a video his Pops had made for him. So sweet.

You can see William watching it HERE!
Before leaving ... William in his Easter outfit. Such a big boy.

Children' sermon during the service. Helen took William forward to the other children. He was big eyed but fine with it.
What he didn't like at the end when the children left that he couldn't go to Grandpa (who was a server today).
 After the service the traditional Easter egg hunt.

He warmed up to the task soon.

I made two short little video clips.

Click here!

And click here!
 Time to go home.
Pictures for Pops.

 All was investigated.

But nothing was put into his mouth.

Easter dinner could not be before 6pm because this was a weekend Sarah had to work. But it was very nice. James roasted the lamb and made roast potatoes. Helen made the dessert she makes every year since she was a child "Rabbits in the Grass". After a heavy meal it is very refreshing (poached pear on lime jello)
My friend Lali and her husband Albert had joined us.

No explanation needed.
Saturday I had found on the internet how to make little tatted rabbits. I decorated an (empty) egg for Lali with it. They are fast to make and really cute.
Happy Easter to all my friends and family.

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