Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New clothes, new shoes and ice cream

Great day today, weather-wise and all.

We had a lot to do. After lunch and after Williams nap we finally got on the way to do errands.  First stop: the church. Omi had to print quarterly statements. So William got to play a little on the playground there.
The pictures were taken by his mommy Helen. William liked it except when Grandpa disappeared into the church too. Then he wanted to follow.

Next stop: Kohl's.  We were very successful in finding clothes for him including an Easter-outfit. He was incredibly patient and even trying on the pants. At the check-out he found a teddy bear which was sooooo soft. He likes soft! And there is also a book to go with it.
He almost changed his mind, but the bear won.
Grandpa treated us to ice cream at Whole Foods. Mommy had selected blueberry. You can see that around William's mouth. Again, he was so patient.

 It was very clear though that he liked it.
And after a few more stops (finding sandals for those little feet wasn't easy) finally back home.  After supper Helen and I took William for a brisk walk in the jeep stroller while grandpa had to do some consulting work preparations.
Almost bedtime. You have no idea how noisy that new little firetruck is. But the lights blink and William definitely likes lights ... on of the very first words he can say. And he figured out quickly that you don't slide the button (like on everybody's iPhone) but you push it.

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