Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good things

The break-in really bothered me but there are better things to report.

A very enjoyable event was this month's book club meeting. James participates in our church (St Martin's Episcopal) book club.
This was this month's book. Luckily one of our good friends Julie C. is a long-time friend with the author and invited her.

Jackie Richards was a wonderful and interesting speaker. Her book is fairly recent work. I read it too and really liked it. You would never guess that she is 85 years old ... thinking about her next book. She was so inspiring.
Of course we also had to have some refreshments, ha-ha. 

And there were more good things. We thoroughly enjoyed the Richmond Forum on Saturday. We have season tickets. More about it here!

Did you see the line-up for the next season? Wow!

And then the 'Sweet William' which Sarah seeded last year for his birthday finally are blooming!!!

Oh, yes, the church ladies prepared a breakfast on Sunday for all early service and later service people to mix.

It was nice!

And this is what I saw when I left the house to drive to Nashville.

Aaahhh, quality time with William ... and my watchdog Silvi. They just saw Pops arrive to re-claim his son.

My watchdog the next morning. We got along very well.

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