Friday, April 20, 2012

Unpleasant surprise

I am not sure whether I really should blog about this or not. Most likely though I will press the button to post because ... we listen to the news, hear about things and think: won't happen to me! Here is proof it might.

Wednesday Helen called ... bad news. Somebody had broken into our Nashville place. She doesn't go there very often but for that day at 9 am she had a reason to do so. When she and William arrived she noticed that the door had been broken. She immediately  called us and the police ... and had an exciting time.

The police said the same as us: don't go in and stay a safe distance. When the police arrived they went in with drawn guns but the townhouse was empty.

He/They (crooks) went in at the front and left out of the back. The neighbor thinks he heard something 20 minutes earlier. He thinks they must have tried to go in at the back first but were not successful (stick in the sliding door) so he/they went to the front. Helen's arrival must have stopped the intrusion. Only the downstairs TV was taken.

Part of the fingerprinting! Sweet Helen did some clean-up for us.

Helen and Ben also took care of having the door repaired ... otherwise the townhouse could not have been locked again.

By Thursday afternoon it was even painted again.

THANK YOU, Helen and Ben!

Taking a closer look, Helen found a footprint on the front door today (Friday). That definitely is not from me.

Uuhh, I really have mixed feelings about this. My first thought was "and on Monday I am going there by myself". So I asked Helen whether I can borrow my 'grand-dog' Silvi for the nights. Helen said that Silvi was very excited about being my watch-dog ... for some doggy treats.


  1. Christa - so sorry to hear about the break in. Too bad everyone does not live by the golden rule.

  2. So sorry to hear about the break-in. I know how scary it is! It was a long time before I felt comfortable again in my house too. I felt better after I added a key-only lock to the most vulnerable door (and after I replaced that door with a sturdier one!) Can you have the police do a few drive-by checks for a while?

  3. The 'undercover' officer gave me funny looks today as I was going in for more clean-up. ALL the neighbors know what happened. I think you will be fine. Lol, for the record....I didn't have to be told not to go in! I hope that you don't find anything else missing when you inventory the place.

  4. urgh, that's not nice:( I remember the odd feelings I had for a time, when someone only tried to brake in to my appartment (still in germany). your place was invaded by strangers and that feeling of insecurity in your own place might linger for some time! not helped by the police report 3 months later that no culprit could be found, but that there was a string of break-ins in the neighbourhood! the only good thing at the time was that the house owner replaced the old frail windows with new, safer ones...
    I hope you're going to be back to normal soon!

  5. Sarah told us the story...thankful that Helen's timing was "perfect" and that everyone is safe.


  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Sarah and I were talking about it today, and I was telling her that when someone broke into my car at work I remember being more upset over feeling violated then what they stole. I don't think there's anything that can explain the feeling you get of being violated compared to anything. I'm glad things were able to get fixed and I hope they catch the person who did it!