Friday, April 6, 2012

Mainly Maymont

Highlight of today (Thursday): Maymont. For more information click here!

Because of her sister's visit, Sarah was off work too. So James, Helen, William, Sarah and I squashed into the car (car seat!) and went to Maymont, an estate with beautiful gardens and even wild life.

Unfortunately the weather from the previous day had not lasted. Today it was quite cold and even drizzled a little. William got bundled up.

Grandpa is the designated driver. Can you see William peeking around to see where Mommy, Omi and Auntie are?

Beautiful flowers everywhere. Most of the photos were taken by Sarah again. A few are from my iPhone or Helen's.

First animal we saw: a fox.

He kept circling the inside of his pen.
William was fascinated. Doggy!

We saw several raptors in relatively small enclosures. First we felt sorry for the birds but then we realized they were all rescued. Several had only one eye and we were sure the others had problems too and would not survive it in the wild.

 William was not bored.

When we came to the bears we were first disappointed because they were so far away.
 But they came closer.
Really close.

William didn't think at all that they looked like his teddy bear.
Good thing that the fence around seemed really secure.
 Then we came to the Japanese Garden.

A beautiful place.

Mother and child.
Mother and child.

His mother wanted a close-up. Grandpa helped make him smile.

This hill was a bit steep. Grandpa thought that William should walk ... it made pushing the stroller a bit easier.
What a trooper.
Needs a little 'lift' with the steps.
How about these hiking boots?

Omi introduced William to 'Pusteblume' (blow-flower = Dandelion)

The blowing part needs more practice.
Sarah took a few minutes to study the speed on her new camera on the fountain.
 Then we came to the Italian Garden.
A whole field of beautiful tulips.

 We asked William to pose.
 Sniff the flowers, William.
When William did sniff the flowers, we all could have cracked up.

Not sure which picture is the best.

We found our picnic spot.
 Lunch time.
Later in the afternoon, after we got home and William's nap, Aunt Sarah read William some books.