Friday, April 20, 2012

Digging in Dirt

The mild winter felt like spring sometimes. And spring means you should be digging in dirt. Could not wait ...

Could not wait for the first mowing of the grass either. It was getting mighty high. Even though we live in a community where we don't need to do anything to the outside I like to ... a little!

There were some bushes which were crowding the roses so I gave them a good trim. Ha-ha, now I could see that I had never finished the stone edging.

So when the time was right I went to it. Found a string to make sure it was going to be straight. I had paid attention when my grandfather (Opa Otto) had worked on things.

Virginia clay is just like Kentucky clay. Not good for growing things in.
I could have made some nice bricks ... but didn't need any, ha-ha.
I couldn't wait to plant something.
 The goal is to have mostly perennials.

I did plant some saucer dahlias. Only 3.
And ... can you believe this? ... some rhubarb. I don't have much hope for the rhubarb but I had to try.

The goal is to have the garden as easy-care as possible. All we want is to enjoy as many blossoms as possible (like the knock-out roses) ... and some basil ... and some other herbs.

I have to say a great big THANK YOU to my dear, dear husband. I know he doesn't really like it that I create more planting areas. But nevertheless he not only tolerates my efforts but also helps without being asked when he sees that I am struggling. Ah, bless him. I love you, James!

I am sure you will see the coming year pictures of nature filling out our garden.

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