Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Auntie Sarah takes pictures

Today was Helen's and William's first day of their visit.

William was ready for his breakfast and grandpa helped.
He does find his mouth. 
Auntie Sarah had to work in the afternoon so she was able to come over in the morning and stay for lunch. She brought her camera and took all the following photos (except the ones she is pictured in herself and the very last one).

The weather was so nice that we had lunch outside.

And afterwards William played with his little truck.

No, it is not numnum this time he is wanting. William (with Omi's help) and Grandpa let the truck 'drive' across the table from side to side.
William is squeaking with fun. Now that would have been a good video! 

Yes, this would have been a good video!

 The steep hill is not so easily navigated.

After a full day and the bath, William is ready to brush his teeth.

And here is a video

Night, night till tomorrow.

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