Saturday, April 14, 2012

From Easter to Pentecost

... that's how long I like to keep up my Easter tree. I don't know what Easter eggs really have to do with the most important Christian Holiday, but the decorations are a daily reminder to me.

This is this year's. If you want to see last year's and some close-ups click here!
You also can read there about the wreath in the loft and the disaster (following above post) when I lost a lot of my old Easter eggs. I have already blogged a lot this spring about making new (lacy) ones.

A new addition. If you wonder ... it's  the process of 'inventing' a new pattern.
And another one.

And this is a new egg this year ... this is William's thumb print. William is very cooperative - most of the time, ha-ha.

Same egg ... my thumb print.

Found the pattern for the little rabbits a few days ago on the internet HERE!
I changed the pattern though. After the first ring (of 6 ds) I did 1 ds like a chain.
The next ring I did as a split ring:
12 ds (instead of 9), tiny picot, 4 ds
then with the other thread another 12 ds.
Now you can do the head:
3 ds, big ear picot, 2 ds, another big ear picot, 3 ds.
Pull one thread through the tiny picot of the previous ring, knot and you are done!
Elmer's glue does the rest!

This is the back side of the same egg ... little tatted flowers. Too late I saw the Chinese stamp (the empty egg was a leftover from our time in Singapore). Oh well, another memory.

(the lighting makes the color of the egg look different in this photo)

This week we also still had leftover from the Easter dinner roasted lamb. I tried something new. Don't know whether a recipe like this exists but I just decided to try this. I trimmed all the fat off the lamb and put about 3 or 4 oz for each of us into my Vitamix (food processor would probably work too) and ground it. Since it is so lean it doesn't stick together. So, a dollop of mayo, some freshly ground pepper and some finely diced onion mixed in make a delicious Lamb Pate, great on a toasted 100 calories sandwich round. Salad on the side. I think I like it because this reminded me a little of German Beef Tatar (which is raw meat and not leftover roast) and I didn't have it in a long time.

Today we attended a wedding in our church St. Martin's Episcopal in Henrico. Afterwards I took a few steps into the Memorial Garden. Ah, spring. So pretty. It has a walk way with the Stations of the Cross.
... and benches to rest.

I like this picture. Looks better bigger.

The wedding cake.
Thursday I helped Sarah bring her car to the dealer for service. Then we took the dogs for a walk. For a long walk.

Love Sarah's neighborhood.
Love seeing flowers here and there.

Getting inspirations for my own garden. But that is another blog post.


  1. Your tatted lace eggs are wonderful! I love your Easter Egg trees, too.

  2. I, too, love the eggs! And the idea of lamb pate!