Wednesday, April 11, 2012



Ha, to think that it is still a bank holiday in Germany (Ostermontag) and my family is still celebrating.

Well, in a sense we were too. We enjoyed our last full day with Helen and William on this trip. Nothing really 'special'. In the morning Grandpa and William went to the post office for us while Helen and I spent time in my queendom.
After his nap (William's, ha-ha) we all went for a nice long walk in the neighborhood. Grandpa is putting the sandals on.

After the walk I drove Helen and William over to Sarah and Wade ... to say good-bye. William is trying on Auntie's shoes. Before that he climbed into the dog bed (behind them).

Tuesday (today) morning ... very early. 

Helen is closing the suit case. Grandpa is helping William with his breakfast.
Such a big boy. But he is asking ... when can he finally have that early cup of English tea like Grandpa and Omi?
On the way to the airport. I sat next to him in the back next to his (rear facing) car seat. We had a lot of fun playing all sorts of games. "Kam ein Mäuschen aus dem Häuschen ..."
Check-in took FOREVER !!! Something the airline person didn't find in Helen's reservation. After a long time ... no problem, here you go.

William and I walked circles around and around. And then they were gone.

We heard they have safely arrived at home.

I would like to officially thank Ben for doing without his wife and son for a whole week and let us have such a wonderful time.

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