Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mainly Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Can a day (Friday) start better then when the little guy suddenly shows up and crawls next to you under the covers. He watched some news with us. Then we took turns getting ready for the day. James had to go to church for about an hour and then wanted to help Sarah with something. So, Helen and I went with William to Kohl's again to exchange some clothes for William we had bought in the wrong size. We were very lucky and actually could get the right size in no time.

Then we stopped at the newly located Bernina store to get some plaid fabric Helen needed for Block Lotto.

There was a 'Tod Stop' corner at the Bernina store. William was upset with us when we were ready to leave.
Helen took two videos with my iPhone.

Click here!

And click here!

Then we met James and Sarah at the Botanical Garden. The weather was about as frigid as yesterday but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

Time had run away from us and it got a little later than we had hoped so we went straight for lunch at the Tea House.

We were waiting for a few minutes for the Tea Garden to open. Sarah kept clicking away. Most (almost all) of these pictures today were taken by her. I had trouble selecting only a 'few'. Didn't she do a great job?

The food in the Tea Garden was most delicious.  Everybody was happy. Especially William. With new energy we went to explore.

Main beauties this time of the year were Daffodils, Tulips, Pansies or Violas, AND Orchids.

William was not bored at all.

Yes, the Orchid House!

Here Sarah told us about her experiment at home ... a pineapple top is sprouting roots.

High five and bump!

Having fun with Omi!
Looking, looking ...
... at the Easter Bunny in the size of a child.
After the Orchid House we crossed a very large lawn. William really loved this.

The Purple Windmill Field = child abuse awareness!

Running loose in the children's garden.

Grandpa! Omi!

The logistics of having a toddler around. James and I managed to get William back to the house without him falling asleep in the car. This meant I could put him down for his nap a little late but almost in his routine. I just am surprised everytime that you can just lay him down, Grandpa lets his ipad play some soothing music and he was asleep in 1 minute ... for two hours. When Helen was back she had to wake him.

But the day was not over yet. Sarah's Wade came over and planted a Redbud tree for us and a Forsythia bush. As you can see ... William is supervising.

Later, all 6 of us had dinner together. I love my family. The Lord is so good to me. Sorry that Helen's Ben can't be here too.

The only downside to today: I either am getting a cold or allergies are getting to me. Either way ... a bummer!


  1. So beautiful in the spring. I took my mother one year in July - too HOT! Next time, I'm going in April, too.

  2. We have a membership. So when you go and don't have to pay, you don't feel like you have to stay long to get your money's worth. You can go more often. We love it. Actually it's officially for Cheekwood in Nashville but lots of botanical gardens participate in reciprocal membership programs and offer free admission to other gardens around the country. So we can get into both.