Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can you believe it? ... and ...Christa - on her way now too

Back from Nashville it is strange to be a whole week at home without James. But I have things to do. Here just a few things.

Can you believe it? It's May and one evening we have this thunderstorm with hail coming down like crazy. The noise is unbelievable. I am happy that the cars are in the garage.

I am chatting with neighbors and suddenly we see this bird behind our houses. She says no wonder that our song birds get less and less.

There he flies away. Not bad for my telephone camera.

Saturday! Quilting another Singapore quilt. I am getting fancier ... not necessarily better but fancier, ha-ha.

Sunday - Mother's Day! My girls are together in Nashville. They of course talk to me and these days there is even Facetime. Ben leaves a message for me on Facebook and Wade feels sorry for me being by myself and invites me for dinner. I will never turn down a meal from either of my son-in-laws because both are great in the kitchen (well, outside too). Wade's mother Kathy was in town too and it was very nice.

Monday - my monthly lace meeting in Williamsburg. It was nice seeing my friends. We have show+tell and Mary shows us her finished shawl (pattern from Christine Mirecki).

Tuesday - THE DAY! Leaving for Spain with a quick last look at my garden in the front. It's William's birthday today. The little guy is three now.

Sarah  brings me to the Richmond airport. We only have to pull into the driveway twice again because I have forgotten something. One of it was the GPS with the Spanish map. That would not have been so good.

Wednesday - May 15 - First Day in Spain
Arriving in Madrid. The airport is quite impressive.

Long story ... changing terminals ... arranging for the rented car ... waiting for my sister Ute to arrive from Germany ... finally we are on our way! I had upgraded to a bigger size car (James' suggestion) and the Hertz guy tells me since it is a Diesel now I will save most of the difference that way. In 2 1/2 hours we are in Burgos, our first goal since I had read about it in James' blog (here). The GPS is very helpful especially with the speed-limits.

Above is the Museo De La Evolucion Humana (which is free today and we are going to visit later) and below a view across to the cathedral and the old town center.

I am explaining to Ute how my telephone camera works ... here the panorama feature

... and she says she really would like to capture the music we hear, ha-ha. Well, here is the video!
There was someboy playing at the corner of the bridge but too far to hear clearly in the video. You have to listen very carefully. It was nice when we were walking along.
And there are many statues in this town.

Since it is our first day (and I had not slept in the plane coming in the night at all) we take it easy. Here is the late lunch. Mine is "very local": Revuelto de Morcilla de Burgos" (Scrambled eggs with black pudding = "Gruetzwurst" in German). It was excellent and we had to think of our father who would have loved it.

We saw the yellow camino sign. An "albergue" and we wonder whether James had staid here. But then, there is more then one I am sure.

And then we are on our way again ... to find a place for the night. Wrong turn here. Nothing going right from the highway. U-turn here, but the landscape is very nice. And not far we find the hotel "El Castillo" in Olmillos de Sasamon. Very nice! 

We have dinner. Dessert included. And vino included too. We have a very good night !!! (since I am writing this the next morning, Ute says 'make three exclamation marks).

I am also very excited about the fact that I am managing very nicely with the language. I have not done this in many years since I am usually traveling together with James. So this is really a "different country experience" for me. Amazing what you can do if you have to.

* * * * *
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  1. Oooooohhh! Another wonderful trip! Do you know, even if I didn't know and like you, I'd love your blog for the travel!