Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 8 in Spain

Wednesday May 5-22

Yesterday in the evening I went down the hill again to post yesterday's post. So here is yesterday's rest of the story.

I went down the hill to check my email and post a blog. Ha, I found that the Marimar was closed. So I went further to were we had lunch some other time.
I had to sit in the front in the bar area because they were washing the floor upstairs. My view was to the board where the tapas were listed. Yes, you guessed it. I broke down. Had to have pulpo. Totally different then the other day in Camarinas, but equally nice.
Today (Wednesday) we had decided to do a lazy day. We drove to Pontecesa to go to the grocery and have lunch at Eduardo and Mercedes' again. They were so happy to see us again. It really was an experience.
On the way back I stopped to take a photo. This is where we have to go left to Corme.
This is how it looks when we come from Corme. It doesn't look so bad here but I am getting pretty good when I have to stop uphill with the stickshift car. Right you go over the medieval bridge to Laxe (the other side of the bay).

Look towards Corme from the bridge.
The rest of the lazy day: I finally broke down and hat to try a little lacemaking. Well, if you don't have the right tools. No pattern: draw it yourself. No hook: use the tatting shuttle. Who knows how this will turn out. But it is fun ... on my new Spanish pillow (sorry, James).

In the evening I decided to go down the hill to see whether James had been able to post a blog or so, sinc my mail and work on my blog. Ute had written some postcards and I asked at the Marimar where there was a postoffice/mailbox. I got directions which I didn't understood but went off anyway. After asking one more time I found the yellow mailbox. Ute wanted one more if possible so I went into the shop on the corner next to it. The very nice lady told me I needed to go next door. O.k. I did that. When I walked in - - there she was again. The shops are connected inside and she takes care of both. I must have made a funny face so we both laughed. I bought postcards and stamps and paid. I also asked for birthday cards. She told me next door. Ha-ha, o.k. I went next door, found one I liked and asked for stamps which I could answer myself right away: next door. I told her mañana! It was so funny!

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