Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 6 in Spain

Monday 5-20

One look out of the window: the weather is very promising today. And I am awake a little earlier as usual. I guess I am getting used to the time-difference. But I should not have forwarded the house-phone to my cellphone. Crossridge Gate rang after midnight which surely was a wrong because we didn't expect anybody to visit at our house.

I had seen this sign in the harbor to a light house and planned to go there. So today was the day. Ute had hoped to come as well but her legs give her problems today. So we each do different things this morning.
He stands at the end of the harbor or beginning of the way to the light house. No idea who he is, ha-ha.
My biggest problem right now: which photos to put in the blog. I took a lot because it was so beautiful. No traffic, the only noise the sea and the birds. The air was still crisp. I had to give thanks every other step it was so beautiful.

And such an abundance of wildflowers.
My girls and I used to call photos like this bathroom pictures. Good enough to frame and decorate with.
I saw this road going off and it gave me an idea. Oh oh! I will tell about it later.


In two hours I was back at the apartment. Ute was back from her walk too. My iPhone pedometer told me I had done 5.126 miles or 8.2 km which I guess is about right. It felt good.
Since I had found out that one can drive with a car to the light house I wanted Ute to see it too and we headed out again. I was not disappointed about her reaction.
Picture taking time!

Yes, wave!

After a while we headed back. My good idea: Turn at the sign because we might get to Ponteceso or some other little town where we could have lunch instead the 'Marimar'. Oh, well! Very soon the street got so narrow again that it seemed not only one-way (but it wasn't) but also almost to narrow for this car. Not my kind of driving. I was lucky that we only met a car coming once and it was at a good spot. We seemed to be heading back into the town where I had gotten once already in trouble the day we arrived. I know I am not a good backwards-driver. At one point there was no way knowing which way to take so I just left the car like a cork in a bottle-neck and run down the alley a little (down hill) to figure it out. Yes, saved. Soon we came to a spot were I could start breathing again.

So, we found a good parking spot at the port and walked to a place where they advertised 'tapas' and WiFi. Here too very nice (but none English speaking) people. We went upstairs to the back and had a lovely view over the bay. I tried to deceiver the menu with google translate since I had WiFi but it didn't help much. Too many 'local' things on the menu. Ute and I had a lot of fun with it and finally settled on sharing a pizza. Pizza usually takes a little longer which was great because it gave me time to write and post yesterday's blog. I have figured it out now how I have to do it here. It's time-consuming though.

Then we went back to the apartment for a little 'siesta' and since it was such lovely weather we went to 'our' beach again. I had actually changed into shorts, took my shoes off and walked a little in the water. Frio is the word for that, ha-ha.

We had decided that it would make sense to have our main meal when we are out and about and then just have a 'picnic' at home. Today Ute fixed a nice salad with fresh spinach from a bag and huge beans and mixed oriental salad from jars. The liquids from those took care of missing oil and vinegar. It was very nice. Did I mention that I had gone down the hill to the super market (well, scratch the super, it's just a cute little shop) and got a bottle of vino? Another lovely day!

* * * * *
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  1. So incredibly beautiful. Those coastal photos remind me a little of pictures I’ve seen of Maine. You are so brave, Christa. I love that you and Ute traveled by yourselves and explored so much!