Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 13 in Spain

Monday 5-27

We sleep with the window open and waking up to the view is lovely. This morning some clouds even looked pink promising a nice day.

James had looked on the map and we all decided that it would be nice to explore the other side of our bay. The town is called Laxe. It was a very nice drive and we went all the way up to that Faro. So, Corme can be seen on the other side of the bay.

We were in awe about all the different vegetation. So incredible. No idea what this is but so interesting.

There were not that many of the pink flowers. We decided that those must be over. It must have looked amazing when they were prime.

The longer you looked the more things you noticed.

There was also a statue and we went closer to have a look. We all liked it a lot. “A Espera” by the sculptress Iria Rodrigues (from 2009) shows a mother with baby on the shoulder waiting for her sailor to return who will never come. A very meaningful memorial because this coast is also called “Costa da Morte” because so many ships wrecked here and many lives were lost. Probably one of the reasons that they thought in the middle ages that this was the end of the world.

Ute wonders why there are no benches until we all see picnic/resting places all over the hill side.

Back in the town we found a place to have lunch. This picture looks funny but James squeezes lemon on his calamari.

Werner and Ute had sandwiches with jamon serrano con queso.

I felt like trying something different and had 'scrambled seaweed with scampi'.
Afterwords James and Werner went to the harbor … until I had to find them (to remind them that it was only a few minutes until the supermarket closes). They were so excited about it. It really was interesting and I was sorry that I had missed most of it.
Here they kept watching the seagulls who were thrown the bits the fishermen cut off.
But Ute and I had had a magnum ice cream each … and that is not bad at all. I also found at that stand a map for them with the hike they want to do the next three days.

Werner was the cook in the evening. Sauteed veggies and sausages ... and local wine.

Another great day!

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