Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 11 in Spain

Saturday 5-25

The day James and Werner are arriving in Santiago de Compostela. Because of Werner's leg which needs a rest I am going to get them for a couple of day. Finisterra has to wait.

Marina gave me excellent directions to a parking lot and the GPS helped too.

This is the narrow street I have to drive. She said raise your eyes and you see the Albergue where most pilgrims stay.
 The parking lot is to the left.
Up the narrow street again and into the center of the city. First thing I saw: there was a market.
Texting to James: I am here.

Answer: Just coming out of peregrinos office with Compostella (the certificate!)
Gadgets make it so easy these days to find each other. Ah, I am so proud of James!!!!! (How many ! should I use?)

James, Werner and Josef from Austria who had joint them the third day or so.
James and I get an audio guide and walk around the church to learn about the most important things. There is SO MUCH to see, incredible.
A service was going on so we were very discreet. But I had to make a little video to preserve this ear-candy as memory.

We were very early so today there was no line yet to see the tomb of St James. Whether there are really his bones or not, it is very moving nonetheless.

Then James and I went for a coffee con leche and 'had to have' a piece of 'torte de Santiago' which was offered as breakfast. Very nice.

Had to go to the bathroom. Left damas, right vino cellar.
Back to the cathedral because we wanted to be there for the pilgrim's service at noon. We were an hour early and had a seat on a bench. They filled up fast. People from all over the world, both gender, all ages and shapes. It was very moving.

 The organ.

We were told no photography, video or telephone etc. during the service but at the end when they used the cencer (the world's largest holy smoker) we were allowed. 

That was something!!! (see video)

I should have let it run a little longer because it flew even higher. I read somewhere that in the middle ages when Catherine of Aragon (later Henry VIII first wife) visited, they overdid it and it flew out of the window.

After the service a quick photo of the very elaborate altar area. Unbelievable.
Afterwards we looked for lunch. I left the three to run quickly to the lace shop (the one which closed when I went there first time).
 I love the streets. So much character.
I found it quickly enough. It was Sabado. It was before 14 o'clock ... but it was closed. No chance again to buy Marina's book about Hinojosa lace.
After lunch my pilgrims wanted to retrieve their backpacks. They were told it was open all day. Here is the sign. Well, it wasn't.
 But James went and found the man with the key.
We stopped at one of the many gift shops to buy a t-shirt for William. But nothing is really suitable. I took a picture of this for Stephen in Paducah, KY.
 So, back at the car. We said good-bye to Josef who went on to the albergue and I drove James and Werner to the apartment in Corme.
 Finally in Corme we took it easy the rest of the day. We had a little snack with the cheese I had bought the day before in the market for James. Of course the famous camino shell.
 I was told how they had been served the tapas!
 We celebrated! Here are James' books: Credencial del Pelegrino.
When they check into each albergue they received a stamp. Those are needed to get the certificate at the end.

Yes, a video!
 The most important stamp!
 And the certificate!
We have celebrated! I am soooooooooo proud of James. And I am so grateful for the blogs he has written because I feel like I could experience it somehow with him. And of course thanks to the LORD for protecting him!

* * * * *
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  1. Fabulous trip - traveling with Ute, seeing amazing countryside and architecture, lace making and a reunion with your lovely husband.