Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 4 in Spain

Day 4 in Spain = Saturday 5-18

The apartment has two bedrooms. Ute is in the one with the single bed and the bunk bed. I am in the one with the double bed. It is on the 3rd floor and there is an elevator. We sleep pretty well. It rains in the night again.

And in the morning too. We see a rainbow from the livingroom. Actually, it is a double one but I don't know whether you can see that in the photo.
We decide to try to find a supermarket. The one opposite to Restaurant Miramar does not really have good parking.
We drive to the next town. It's a lovely drive anyway. We find a supermarket but it is as tiny as the one in Corme. At least I find a parking space ... after I had to make a u-turn.
 Our shopping!
 Back home I like to do an "exercise walk". I try to find my way around the village. I see several doors with this hanging on. Ah! (in case you can't see: baguette)
I also take pictures of the mealtimes at the Miramar ...
... and the supermarket opposite.
At the proper time Ute and I wonder down for lunch. I had monkfish. It took a while until I figured the menu out. It was fun ... and sooooo delicious. 
Then we walked down to the harbor. Everything is so idyllic but walking the narrow streets is easier then driving them!
What a cute little fishing village this is.
We came across this palm-tree with at least a dozen different plants in its bark. Amazing.

Along the waterfront murals too. Not quite as elaborate then the ones in Paducah, KY.
Oh, yes, the narrow streets.
We were desperate for a cup of coffee but couldn't really find a place so … ended up in the Marimar again.
YES! I did go into the ocean! Only with my feet … and it was cold. But not as bad as I had expected. 

We really like “our beach”. There are some benches and out of the cold wind it is very nice. It's not that big for walking but still … If you look at this picture … everywhere we see little stone houses on stilts next to the real houses. We try to think what they could be?
They always have crosses on them. Guesses are from home altars to places for curing hams, drying firewood …?

Yes, like that beach.

* * * * *
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