Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 5 in Spain

Day 5 in Spain – Sunday 5-19

Since most likely the museums are closed on Mondays, we decided to go to Camarina today.

The streets were empty so I could slow down for Ute take this photo and the next. May be Lali can tell me what these little houses are?

The GPS finds the town and soon we see the first lace shop and it is open. Very interesting but I didn't think it was the museum I had heard about. The old man didn't speak any English and wouldn't answer about the museum. We asked about “abierto”, were understood and got an answer. No problem. We told him we would come back after eating and left. (And yes, we went later and I made a nice purchase)
Ha, right across the street was this statue. Ute took this picture.
I asked a passing man to take a picture of the two of us. Ha-ha, look what we got.
Yes, the museum was next to the statue.
And the young woman was very nice. The laces were truly amazing but I didn't take any close photos because it wasn't really allowed. I got permission to take photos for an impression for my lacemaking friends.

A lot of eye-candy and we were uh-ing and ah-ing.
The museum lady told us there were lots more shops further down and it was all in walking distance. Yes, there were several, we saw them all and enjoyed just wandering about.
Funny to be at the “other end” of a demonstration. Of course they think you have no idea what they are doing.

It is a fishing town of course.

When we sat down for something to drink in a cafe, this is what we got as a taste. Pulpo! Since Ute didn't want any, I got both. So delicious. 
We decided to go a different way back because we had seen on the map what we would pass “a castle worth seeing”. Yes, it might have been but it was closed.

So we were looking for a cafe. I so had a tooth for something sweet which is unusual since I prefer savory. Wow, was my Tiramisu out of this world.

And orchids blooming right outside in that cold???

And the rest of the day? First Ute fixed us a cup of tea, then she visited “our beach” while I went to find WiFi. It is so cute how the Spanish say it = exactly like Germans would read it. I had so much trouble with Blogsy and Day 3 that I had given up with the iPad and walked down with the laptop. Ute and I laughed later like crazy because if I drink a glass of wine every time and will be almost as expensive as if I had rented that gadget at the car rental place in Madrid to have internet whereever. Ha-ha, there is a lesson.

Of course I was delighted to find 3 blogs on James' site. Yeah! And I thought I was cold here!

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  1. I had to google ‘pulpo’. It looks delicious and I actually like octopus.

    1. Yup, and I could eat both because my sister wasn't as "brave". Ha, my mouth is watering.