Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Day has come

For many month now James has researched, planned, prepared, tried out equipment and trained for his pilgrimage in Spain. The day before his departure all is left for me to sew the badges on to his backpack which identify him officially as a pilgrim on the El Camino.

(By now he is already gone more then a week. He had promised to try to blog so I could live this adventure thru him. He has written already wonderful blogs with great pictures. You can check it out here or always click on the link on the right side of my page) 

April 22 ... there he goes

In the week before we had some nice weather and I just had to share these pictures which I took with my iPhone when Sarah and I took the dogs for a little walk around the block. I can't believe the great quality (in my eyes). Once in a while we have spring and it is so nice then.

Don't know what this bush is ... about 2/3 high as I am. I wanted to ask Wade what it is. Interesting flowers.

Ha, one of my two rhubarb plants from last year seems to have survived. Looking forward to a harvest ... in three years?

We are always eagerly waiting for James' blogs and yesterday it dawned on me that he might be waiting to hear from us too. So here is a report with lots of William in it:

The same day that James left, I left too. I drove late afternoon and spent the night in Pulaski at Sarah's in-laws. That was a nice evening and a pleasant break. Early next morning I continued my drive. Everybody in the family kept saying they didn't want me to drive the whole way after bringing James to the airport at 4 in the morning.

One of the first things in Nashville was to go to ALDI not far away. William knows the way with the carts, that you need a quarter to use it and then get your coin back when you return the card.

Snack time on the back porch. Something to tie us over until "Pops" does the grilling.

One evening we went just a few miles to have a walk along Percy Priest Lake. William's feet can reach now the petals and he is quite good steering too.  A little video here!

A little video for grandpa here!

Here too signs of spring. Don't know these flowers but they are so cute.

William and I are roomies since he, Helen and Ben are staying at our townhouse. Their house is being renovated due to water damage from a leak. Long story! I am the beneficiary ... more time with them. In the morning William takes his time to wake up so I took him into the big bed to cuddle a little.  Depending on whether it is hot or not sometimes he sleeps in the sleeping bag Helen's grandmother made for her when she was a little toddler. Look at this video!

Early Friday morning we left for Paducah Kentucky where the Quilt Show took place that week.

We only have limited time but first we visit a fabric store where I found last year some good buys. Not so this year. Oh well ...

Friday is an especially good day to visit since Grace Church is holding the Quilt Luncheon and the Heartland Lace Guild is having the big Lace Exhibition and Demonstration there as well. We will meet lots of "old" friends. I was so overwhelmed with meeting everybody that I only took a very few pictures. This is the annual Grace Church Easter Mobile. Every year different.

After lunch we also had to visit Great-Grandpa. We put a little flower on the stone underneath which the ashes are of Helen's Opa Heinz. The bench is in memory of James' father and my father. It rained and we had to hurry.

A small part of the HLG exhibition. This years theme was lace for the household. This is my friend Lise's bedspread.

I don't know whether it was worth to pay the quite huge entrance fee for the quilt show but to see just a few of those master pieces and vendors was such fun. Oh yes!!!

My iPhone run out of battery but I at least managed to take this picture for Helen. She had just read a book about it it. I think it is part of a novel.

Just a little while earlier at Grace I had met the lady which was responsible for this quilt from her church. I don't know from where she was visiting. 

William had had enough.

Then we drove to Kentucky Lake were the HLG retreat took place. I was dropped off and Helen drove with William back to Nashville.
The retreat takes place from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Two nights and six meals. Again, I just didn't take many pictures. To occupied with lacing, visiting and just chilling. The weather was not that cooperative. Lots of rain. But it was great to see lots of 'old' friends again. Several were missing because of different reasons ... and I really missed them.

Doris, who organizes this weekend, had also brought two projects. One was to learn to make this scarf. That was quick and fun. You crochet this special yarn.

I had taken my pillow with the shawl I am working on. It is wonderful silk thread. I am afraid it will take me forever though. No telling which winter I will be able to start using it, ha-ha. Again, forgot to take pictures but 'stole' those from my friend Robin's site (hope she is still my friend now).

Photo: I think she counted 83 pairs of bobbins for her scarf project!!! Photo: Christa's bobbinlace scarf in progress...

And here is this year's whole group outside the cafeteria taken by one of the staff.  I got a bonus chat with Joy, a new member who lives in Clarksville TN and took me to her house where Helen and William picked me up. It was a very motivating weekend.


  1. How I wish I could have been there with you all.

    1. Next year, Diana? Lace workshop at the retreat?